What is introduced in the WordPress.com- New Starter Plan?

What is introduced in the WordPress.com- New Starter Plan

WordPress.com is a popular website-building platform with a plethora of attractive website layouts. The drag-and-drop interface of the WordPress.com website builder makes it simple to adapt your template to meet the demands of your small business. If you’re thinking about using WordPress.com to build a small company website, you’ll want to make sure the platform fits your budget. So, how much does it cost to use WordPress.com? You should not get confused with the WordPress.org option which involves installing a content management system on a third-party registrar and hosting firm. You can hire WordPress developer to get hosting and add a domain to your hosting plan. We will explain the WordPress.com pricing plans and features and specifies how a small business or entrepreneur would gain traffic. You’ll have all the knowledge you need to choose the finest WordPress.com plan for your company at the end.

What are the New Changes in the WordPress.com Starter Plan?

WordPress introduces a new plan known as WordPress Starter because it is an affordable method to start your beautiful website. Moreover, It will launch new add-ons in the plain to give an extra boost to the users. In fact, it is an a la carte method to add whatever you need to Starter. We know that WordPress.com sites are packed with great features which include the loading speed of your website, and hosting. Here we will discuss what WordPress Starter unlocks?

With the WordPress Starter Plan, you get:

  • To make your website beautifully visual and visible, WordPress Starter unlocks custom domains to personalize your website. The registration for the custom domain is free for one year if the billing is annually or two-year plans. In the custom domain feature, WordPress provides a wide range of TLDs including .com, .net, and .org.
  • The users can now accept payments to get started on their selling content, subscriptions, and donations.
  • WordPress boosted the storage for your images from 1GB to 6GB on the free plan on Starter.
  • Also, the users can integrate their website with Google Analytics to dig deep into what’s resonating with the audience. Indeed, you do not have to worry about the traffic of the website because it is unlimited.
  • Users can professional Email free for 3 Months.
  • Embed video from Vimeo, Youtube, and other services.

So, if you want to get a unique, blazing, and great-looking blog website with simple payments baked in, engage with a WordPress development agency without spending countless hours on the update.

Difference between WordPress.com Starter and WordPress.com Pro?

WordPress.com offers different paid and free plans for users. Above we have already discussed the features of the WordPress.com Starter plan. Let us explore what makes it different from WordPress.com Pro.

In addition to everything included in the Starter plan, the Pro plan allows you to:

  1. Customize your website with a custom domain name. With yearly or two-year plans, registering a custom domain is free for one year.
  2. Use Third-party services, such as plugins, themes, scripts, and ad networks like Google AdSense.
  3. Make an online store
  4. You’ll have access to 50GB of storage space.
  5. There are an unlimited number of website administrators.
  6. Use SEO tools that are more advanced.
  7. Upload audio and video files 
  8. Premium themes created just for WordPress.com are available.
  9. Add your own CSS.
  10. Remove all ads from WordPress.com.
  11. Profit through advertising.
  12. Set up a Google Analytics account.
  13. High-quality assistance


If your site has a lot of media files, such as photographs and documents, your media library may get filled. Do not worry. The Pro package includes 50GB of storage space. The WordPress.com Starter plan has only 6 GB of storage available for the users.


Do you not want our advertisements to appear on your website? If you upgrade your WordPress to a Pro plan, the ads on the website will get removed. You can hire WordPress developer to broadcast advertising on your site to make money if you have the Pro Plan. But on the Starter plan, one can not remove the ads from the website.


WordPress.com Pro sites come with several great SEO, social media, and other capabilities. However, you might want to access an external service that isn’t currently included in our platform. You can do this by installing plugins from the WordPress repository or uploading your own custom plugins. WordPress.com provides a vast number of themes to choose from. And with the Starter plan of WordPress.com, you will be able to install the plugin and use premium themes. 


WordPress.com provides a vast number of themes to choose from. You can’t seem to discover a layout that works for your site? You can install a theme from a third-party author for free if you have the WordPress.com Pro subscription. But with the WordPress.com Starter plan, you can not install any premium theme to your website.


Do you want to open an online store? The WooCommerce plugin, the most popular eCommerce solution in the WordPress environment, is available with the Pro plan. Sell products, accept payments from more than 60 countries, integrate with leading shipping providers, install online shop themes, and do everything else you might possibly want while selling online. All these things are not available with the WordPress.com Starter plan.

Which is the best WordPress plan for a Website?

The WordPress plan you choose for blogging will be determined by your objectives and whether or not you require additional customization capabilities. For example, if all you need is a simple platform to write about your passion, you may probably save money by using WordPress.com’s free plan.

However, if you want to appear more professional in the future or sell your content, you’ll need to consider other possibilities. For less tech-savvy people who don’t mind paying a higher price, WordPress.com Premium might be the best option.


Final Words

On the whole, we have covered almost all the features of the Starter plan of WordPress.com and Of pro plan. These pricing plans provide enough versatility to accommodate any website builder’s budget. If you think any of the above will suffice your company’s requirements, hire WordPress developer to establish a website with these features.

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