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What does someone in sourcing do?


Supplier Management Services is mainly responsible for purchasing the products of one (or more) brands. Buyers must have a rich experience with many years of familiarity with the market to be eligible to be a buyer. Character characteristics of an excellent buyer: First, kindness; first, you must have a responsible attitude and ability. Second, irritability; has to be a little bit of a character. Third, tolerance. Know how to forgive the other party when the other party violates the rules first but knows he has few choices. Of course, the second character is firmly used for those cases where there are many suppliers.

Career Summary

Buyers, except wholesale and retail agricultural products: purchase machinery, equipment, tools, parts, and services, purchase raw materials or semi-finished products for production.

Experienced lower-level managers and administrative staff replace most corporate management departments and top executive positions. Amrep inspect can promote excellent buyers to purchasing managers, and Amrep Inspect can transfer purchasing managers to market or operations managers, etc. General managers can also encourage them, up to the highest-ranking president or chief executive officer. Or go to other institutions for more competitive positions.

The educational background required by buyers varies greatly. Most of them don’t require a certain degree or level of education, but they do need to know a lot about the products being sold. For this industry, experience is more important than education. Courses in mechanics, international trade, business, and mathematics are excellent preparation for this position. Proficiency in office software and English is proper, as are excellent communication skills and a vast network of people. Obtaining an undergraduate or professional degree in business and economics is essential if you want to advance to a purchasing manager or higher level.

Buyer, there is a big difference between merchandiser and buyer in English. In Chinese, they are collectively called buyers, buyers, or fashion buyers.

Work requirements

Service task

  1.  Buy the highest quality items at the lowest possible price and in the right amount. Prepare purchase orders, solicit bid proposals, and review requirements for goods and services.
  2.  Research and evaluate suppliers based on price. Quality, selection, service, support, availability, reliability, production and distribution capabilities, and supplier reputation and history.
  3.  Analyze quotations, financial reports, and other data to determine reasonable prices.
  4.  Monitor and follow applicable laws and regulations. [1]
  5.  Negotiate, renegotiate, and manage contracts with suppliers, vendors, and other representatives.
  6.  Monitor the loaded goods to ensure that the goods arrive on time. If there is a problem with the loaded goods, track the undelivered goods.
  7.  Negotiate with employees, users, and vendors to determine the appropriate action to discuss defective or unacceptable goods or services.
  8.  Evaluate and monitor the execution of the contract to ensure compliance with the agreement and determine the need for changes.
  9.  Arrange the payment of tax and shipping.

Work tasks

Buyer is called buyer in Chinese, a general term for all purchasing personnel. No matter the level of procurement staff, the final analysis is a buyer. The buyer’s work tasks have three aspects: material supply, inventory level c control, and control. An excellent buyer can deliver the materials to the company on time with the lowest price on the market, quality, and quantity. The leading assessment indicators are lead time, minimum quantitative MOQ, and price.

The control level of these three indicators directly reflects the professional level of a buyer. It usually takes several years or more for a buyer to become a qualified buyer; Among them, the best and most well-rounded buyers will have the chance to move up, become purchasing managers, or even become purchasing directors. With the rapid advancement of technology and the rapid changes in the business environment, the relationship between enterprises and suppliers is constantly adjusting, and the traditional supply relationship is changing rapidly.


The people who work in purchasing need to learn more about how technical information and changes in the market affect the company. Also, they are becoming more important. In most companies in Europe, the United States, and Taiwan, there are two types of procurement staff: buyers and sourcers.

The former is mainly engaged in traditional work, including the processing of requirements and orders and the control of delivery time, which is called purchasing; the latter is more focused on changes in technology and costs in the market and is responsible for supplier control, evaluation and development, called sourcing.

In actual work, the work of Buyer and Sourcer is often not wholly distinguishable. Some small and medium-sized enterprises often assign purchasing and sourcing of similar materials to the same person. For management according to the type of purchased materials. From the perspective of career development. Every person in purchasing who wants to be promoted to purchasing manager has to do sourcing. Sourcing is the core of purchasing, the skill that buyers need to develop and improve, and it is also a business. As technology changes, procurement staff has to deal with new requirements and challenges.

A good buyer must be familiar with both business rules and the engineering development status of the company, as a qualified engineer and an excellent businessman. From this standard, many purchasers need more improvement. At the same time, enterprises also need to spend more energy training qualified and excellent procurement personnel rather than recruiting the right people in the talent market.

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