What Common Mistakes Do People Make During Home Shifting?

What Common Mistakes Do People Make During Home Shifting

Are you moving your home from one city to another? Do you want to have the best relocation experience under the guidance of professional packers and movers? If yes, then do not make the most common mistakes that people always tend to make during home shifting in India.

Common Mistakes People Make During Home Relocation

No prior planning

Proper planning is the key to success. If you don’t want to face any type of problems during the home shifting from one city to another, then always plan your move. Planning helps you to achieve your goals. You can know when and what is needed so that you can work accordingly.

When you relocate home from one city to another, then there are numerous things to do other than hiring packers and movers services. Even the important things can slip from your mind. To prevent this from happening, plan your move.

Have a moving checklist. Think wisely and calmly about the things you need to complete before your move. This will guide you throughout the moving process. Put a tick mark against the task once it’s completed. With this, you will keep yourself on the right track.

Not researching moving companies

Often people hire a moving agency that comes first in their way. They don’t look for any other agency, nor do they compare packers and movers rates. This puts them into trouble later. It is advisable to do proper research about the moving companies. Ensure the company you are hiring is licensed, certified, and experienced. Moreover,  the company should be well-reputed and popular. Some reputed companies also provide packers and movers cost calculator to find out some rough idea for your moving cost.

Check the online reviews and the business rating of the company. This will help you to know which company is best for your move. Do not hire a company with many negative comments. But you can ignore a few negative reviews, as there’s nothing wrong with it. Too many good or bad reviews, both can be a sign of fraud movers and packers.

Not scheduling a pre-move survey

As, it is recommended to do proper research before hiring packers and movers. It’s also important to select at least three removal companies so that you can get multiple quotes from them. But some people tend to make the mistake that they don’t call the movers for a pre-move survey.

A pre-move survey allows the movers to obtain the correct info about your move. Based on that, they will provide a precise estimate. If you accept the estimate provided over the phone, then there would surely be a difference in the final bill. Therefore, it is advised to schedule a pre-move survey to get the exact estimate of your move.

Not insuring the move

Most of us think that insurance is nothing less than an additional expenditure. But the fact is that transit insurance helps you to recover all the damaged costs that have occurred during the move. Suppose an accident occurs during the move and almost all your goods get damaged, what will you do in that situation? Well, you will be left with no option but to regret your decision.

Do not overlook the importance of transit insurance, especially during an interstate move. If you are moving to a long-distance place, then the risk of damaging goods is higher. Only the transit insurance can prevent you from facing monetary loss during the move. So, invest in transit insurance services.

Not making an inventory list

If you are hiring professional packers and movers services then your movers will offer an inventory list to you. But you need to make yours as well. This list will help you to know what goods you have handed over to your movers and what you are carrying with you. No goods will be missed in this way.

Not carrying the essential items with you

What people do during home shifting is hand over all their possessions to the movers. No matter whether your movers are very well-experienced or a novice, you should never entrust all your possessions to them. There are chances you have hired the wrong movers who could run away with your belongings. The goods might get stolen or broken during the move. Hence, you should carry a few important goods with you only.

Not preparing your new home before shifting

No matter whether you have bought a brand-new house or moving into a rented apartment, it is necessary to clean the house. Hire professional cleaners to clean the house thoroughly and also get a pest control service. Ensure everything in your new house is in working condition. Check water, electricity, and gas.

Those who want to have the best home relocation experience should avoid making these common mistakes. People always tend to make these mistakes during home shifting, and being aware of these mistakes in advance means no problems during the move.

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