What are the steps in Kanban System Design?


Kanban system design refers to the system thinking approach that designs a Kanban system that captures your way of operating & provides you with the prime set of tools, metrics that control to improve your services delivery agility in a short period. In the last few years, there is an increase in the Kanban System Design KMP-1 Online Certification to provide you with training for this course.

Let’s further analyze the steps in the Kanban system in detail.

Steps In Kanban System

On the other hand, it is based on the STAIK method to introduce the Kanban system into an organization. It also helps to strengthen real-time communications. The followings are the steps involved in the Kanban system.

  • Select a service

In general, we are going to design a Kanban system only for a single team. But at some other times, this is going to be only service within the departments or organizations.

  • service Mission

By the word mission, we don’t mean typical energetic, aspirations, useless statements that many teams & companies have already defined. By mission, we mean practical, manageable tools that you can make decisions related to priorities, their actions & responsibilities. The characteristics for a good mission should be that it should be clear & simple, by avoiding gossip words, it should be actionable.

  • Analyze dissatisfaction sources

Its main purpose is to bring the surface to any dissatisfaction with your team’s current situations. As a part of this source, we need to bring the customer’s dissatisfaction with the services. Another aspect of gathering the source of dissatisfaction is to manage the expectations with regards to the problem of the Kanban system.

  • Discovers what the service does

In this step, we have already done research related to the Kanban system designs. We identify the boundaries of the services, stakeholders, customers, & workflow. We need to understand the customer’s current situation.

  • Identifies the type of works

It is the easiest step when it comes out with many surprises, especially in IT organizations. Most of the team tends to work in all sorts of stuff. Once we have convened all sorts of the works when it comes out of the services. By analyzing demand for each item of work we make sure they classify the following factors as valuable, most urgent, team mission.

  • Visualization of policies

The main goal of this step is to visualize the work to understand what is going on. As a result, the team will provide a list of policies that govern the workflow of visualization. In addition, most of the digital tools on the market limits visual management.

  • By creating popularity on the boards

This step is to enlighten the Kanban system design process. There is a lot of work to do including a lot of stickers, policies, discussions & the agreements that are made. Likewise, we request the team to define some important policies like Definition of Done.

  • Defining the way of the working process

The main purpose of Kanban system design is to handle all the work so that the team needs to handle it consistently. It will generate a list of policies that governs the way the work is handled. Mainly there are four ways that we explore: Demand Management, Side Orders, Part Timers.

  • Management of the demand

You have to discuss with that team who is managing the honest-breaker to pull the buffer that is revolving. On the other end of the service, we have to do the same work for completing the work on the system.

  • WIP policies

By limiting the WIP, it is an aspect of the Kanban system that most of them generate resistance. But it is a fundamental tool to redesign a proper Kanban system. Likewise, it is set at different levels in the Kanban system. You can start it by defining the global WIP limit, or it can be global WIP limits at activity levels.

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The information starts with the steps of this course. Other than that, if you also want to pursue your career in this direction, then you should get in touch with Kanban System Design KMP-1 Training Institute in Noida. This helps you to know the different perspectives that you don’t know from the start. By acquiring this certification, from a good institute, you will be eligible to acquire a job role in this particular field.


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