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What are the differences between an international MBA and a global MBA?

With business education becoming one of the most popular education streams in recent times, there are a plethora of degrees catering to students seeking a career in business management. While there are several course formats out there, an MBA remains one of the most opted ways to enter the business world.

Thanks to increasing diversity in course forms, even an average MBA has a lot of variants today such as a global MBA, an international MBA or a part-time MBA. Depending upon your budget preferences, career aspirations and availability of time, you can choose any MBA variant.

The Global MBA and the international MBA are two of the most popular MBA degrees today and most people often use them interchangeably. However, there are distinct differences between the two with each having its own set of advantages and purposes.

What is a global MBA?

A global MBA programme is a variant of the traditional MBA degree that allows you access to a diverse student body and has a broader, more global-oriented course structure and curriculum.

A global MBA focuses on bringing students with diverse backgrounds and nationalities under a single roof and promoting innovation through collaboration. A global MBA also has a broader course curriculum and is suitable for those seeking a business management career in a foreign country.

What are the primary advantages of a global MBA?

A global MBA can be excellent for people who want to look beyond the borders of their home country for their business management career. Here are some of the obvious advantages of enrolling in a global MBA.

  1. Networking opportunities with a diverse student body
  2. Multiple career opportunities
  3. A global curriculum

What is an international MBA?

An international MBA is merely a conventional MBA degree from a foreign university. An international MBA can give you a solid introduction to business dynamics in a foreign university set-up.

International MBA programmes are suitable for people who want to stick to conventional MBA programmes but want exposure to studying in a foreign country.

What are the primary benefits of an international MBA?

Many seek out an international MBA because of the wide exposure it can provide and the cultural experiences one can get. Here are the different ways in which you can gain should you choose to enrol in an international MBA from a reputed business school.

  1. A chance to experience a new culture and country
  2. Opportunity to work in a foreign country
  3. A chance to be in school again

What should you choose between an international MBA and a global MBA?

Both global MBA and international MBA despite being variants of the same degree are quite different. While a global MBA is suited for someone seeking a jet-setting career in the business world, an international MBA suits someone who wants an international study experience during their MBA.

Both programmes have merit in their rights but a global MBA can be better if you want to work abroad. Pursuing a global MBA from a foreign business school can be even better for your future career.

Start looking out for suitable business schools in Germany that offer global MBA programmes.

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