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What are the 4 main functions of packaging?

Main Fucntion of Packaging

1) Protection
Protection is one of the major functions of packaging is to provide for the ravages of time and environment for the natural and manufactured products. The main function of packaging is to provide protection from dampness, dirt, breakage, insects, etc. That may be caused by rain, dust, sun and so on. The products are packed in proper boxes to carry them from one place to another in the right condition. In some cases, packaging increases the life span of many products. We can keep safe from break and cracks, decaying, damage, adulteration, etc with the help of packaging.

Note: Product packaging is important. if you don’t have a budget to set up your own packaging department then you can hire a Packaging Company In UAE.

  • Natural deterioration:- Natural deterioration is caused by the interaction of products with water, fumes, and gases, microbiological organisms. Like bacteria, moulds, yeast, cold, heat, desiccation (dry environment and high altitude areas), contaminants, insects, and rodents.
  • Physical protection:- Packaging is also important for physical protection, which involves improving shock protection, reducing shock damage from vibration, and internal product protection, friction, and impact.
  • Safety:- This is the special kind of protective packaging essential for products that we  consider hazardous to those who transport them or use them. These types of products include highly inflammable gas and liquid, toxic materials, radioactive elements, etc.We need to do packaging carefully so that children could not easily use them.
  • Waste reduction:– This packaging helps to reduce the amount of waste, especially in the case of food distribution.

Second Function of Packaging

Containment – It provides a proper and safe container or place for keeping any product is important to the function of packaging. The function is designing, producing, and providing containers, packets, boxes, paper, bottles, etc. According to the nature of the products put them in packaging. Use the suitable  box containers  according to the nature of the products for transportation or keeping them in warehouses.

Containment includes the consolidation of the unit that loads for shipping. It starts with spots of sealers on the individual shippers that stick them together, straps of steel and plastic, an entire covering of shrinkable or stretchable plastic films, and paper wraps that surround an entire part of the product.

Third Function of Packaging

Information – The packaging carries necessary information to the consumers. The common information of packaging. packaging provides general features of the product, ingredients, net weight of the products, name. Also display address of the manufacturers, and maximum retail price.
Packaging of food products is important to give information on methods of preparations, recipes. Also should have serving ideas, date of manufacturing, date of expiry, nutritional benefits, warning messages, and cautionary information. Sometimes the look of the packaging itself provides some information. For example, the orange color of the bottle of Fanta carries the information if the product is of orange-coloured soft drink.

Fourth Function of Packaging

Use of utility: This packaging has evolved from foods, households, paints, adhesive. And also include cosmetics, paper goods, and a host of other products. This type of packaging includes per-packaged hot metals, dispensing devices, and disposable medical packaging.

We hope that you will have any confusion about these 4 functions of the packaging company.

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