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Unique Factors to Consider for Cloud Hosting Plans

In this age and day, cloud hosting is on the boom. It is because the cloud has completely revolutionized web hosting. It is cost-effective, you have to pay only for those resources that you have utilized. 

Utilizing the power of cutting-edge cloud technology, it offers a potent substitute for hosting resource-intensive websites. You may anticipate complete data redundancy and greater uptime made possible by quick failover migrations since your data is kept on a self-healing storage cluster as opposed to a single copy on a single server.

Are you thinking about switching to cloud hosting for your website? 

Well, here I’ve enlightened some unique factors that you can keep in your mind while buying cloud hosting plans. They are listed below. So, let’s come to the points directly.

1. Reliable Web Hosting:

Cloud hosting is still evolving on web hosting, you just need web hosting experts who have experience in managing web hosting for businesses successfully. Just have a look at testimonials of people, especially established clients.

2. Scalable Environment:

As your business enhances, so will you need extra storage capacity? For that, you need to select the right cloud hosting plans. Although figuring out what additional storage capacity and other services have been offered and for how much.

3. Easily Usable Control Panel:

A user-friendly and useful hosting control panel is essential. Whether it is cPanel, Plesk, or another (third-party) control panel, it must have an intuitive interface. Otherwise, you’ll be spending time contacting tech support rather than concentrating on your business.

4. Location of Server:

The page loading speed of site loading refers to the time that takes for users to load the website. Google says it is a ranking factor that means sites that load faster has a higher ranking. Therefore, having a quick load site can enhance your website ranking as well as your traffic. As per the surveys:

  • Conversion rates can reduce by 7% when a page load time is delayed for a second.
  • Approx 40% of visitors will leave those site that doesn’t load within the next 3 seconds.
  • Almost 79% of online buyers who faced trouble with the website performance will not come back again.

5. Website Security:

It should be a major factor that you need to consider. It’s because a website involves storing critical information of your organization in the cloud. Sadly, not all cloud hosting packages (and providers) offer the same level of security.

A cloud hosting company should offer multiple security levels that are updated on a regular basis. Firewalls, anti-virus protection, data encryption, multi-factor user authentication, and regular security audits are some of the crucial security measures to look for.

6. Assurance of Uptime

Site uptime is among the most crucial elements of site performance. A web host with potent servers and dependable network connections is what you require. Select a web host that can assure you an uptime of at least 99.5%. The better, the higher the uptime guarantee.

7. Price:

You should select web hosting which is right for your organization as well as affordable too. Besides, the pricing should be upfront, initially. It’s because the upfront price will ensure you just pay a fixed amount. Whereas in postpaid bills you are not aware of the expenses until the end of the billing cycle.

8. Features of Application Hosting:

While selecting a plan of cloud hosting, you should go with them that saves your time by offering one-click installs for –

  • Open scripts
  • WordPress blogs
  • Joomla & Drupal CMS solutions
  • Wiki Hosting to help aid you start a Wiki website.

9. Auto Script Installers, Cron Jobs, and Similar Tools:

Some web servers don’t offer the fundamental capabilities needed for easy website installation and upgrades, like:

  • Continuous activities with Cron
  • AutoScript installers (like Softaculous, Fantastico, SimpleScripts, QuickInstaller, etc.)
  • .htaccess is used, among other things, for security and page redirects.
  • Simple site maintenance with SSI (Server Side Include)
  • For easy file transfers, FTP access is offered.

Pick a hosting company that provides these fundamental services.

10. Refund Policy:

It is also an important factor that you need to know how your hosting providers handle customer refunds. Therefore, before selecting a cloud hosting plan, you should figure out the refund policy (if any) as well as charges for cancellation too.

Wrap Up:

In this digital world, everyone requires the best and most affordable cloud hosting service. In that case, choosing cloud hosting will be a better idea. Well, there are numerous cloud hosting plans are available. But, before choosing a cloud hosting plan, you need to consider a few factors that are mentioned above. 

Here, at cyfuture cloud, we are providing the best and most affordable cloud hosting service. Therefore, if you are looking for the best cloud services in India, you can contact our experts at Cyfuture Cloud. Although you can drop an email to our experts at sales@cyfuturecloud.com.

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