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Top Tourist Attractions in Kansas City

Top Tourist Attractions in Kansas City
Top Tourist Attractions in Kansas City

 Kansas City or popularly known as KC, is the largest city in Missouri. It is an exciting place and has many exciting destinations for voyagers. If you are globetrotter, then you must check out the Latam Telefono Peru and book a flight to this place to explore the fantastic tourist destinations. In this article, we will talk about the top tourist attractions in Kansas City

National World War I Museum at Liberty Memorial

National World War is located at the feet of the Liberty Memorial. This museum was erected in the year 1928 in honour of the men and women who died in the world war. This museum contains a plethora of collections from the people of World War I. Some new items in the display include a Renault FT-17 tank, German shells, weapons, and uniforms that soldiers used in the battle.

Nelson Atkins Museum of Art

Nelson Atkins museum has impressive collections of Greek, Roman, and Eastern arts and crafts. The several artefacts include baskets, potteries, woodwork, and quillwork. If you love art, then you must visit this place. The art galleries feature famous artists from different countries. If you are in Kansas City, you must not miss visiting this place.

Arabia Steamboat Museum

During the year 1856, a massive sink carrying a lot of supplies for the general stores had sunk. It was buried beneath a cornfield unless it was accidentally discovere by an amateur archaeologist. The remains of the boats were preserved, and it eventually resulted in a museum with an exciting collection of Civil War artefacts.

Science City

This can be a favourite destination for your kids. Here your kids can try hands-on experiments with the laws of physics. They can also explore Every last drop, which exhibits the property of water. You can also take them to the dino lab to learn more about dinosaurs and palaeontology. There is also a planetarium and a nature centre. You can witness special events that get hosted here some times.

Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art

You can witness here works by eminent artists like Georgia O’Keeffe, Robert Mapplethorpe, and William Wegman. You can find here many artworks from paintings to artefacts. This museum also hosts many events and workshops. If you love art, then you must visit this place in Kansas City

American Jazz Museum

This place was once home to some of the eminent Jazz musicians currently it has been transforms into a museum. It has several collections of photos, posters, and personal items of famous musicians.

You can also find here listening stations and mixing boards. If you are a fan of music, then this place may amuse you to a great extent.

West Port Neighbourhood

This is one of the most famous sightseeing destinations. It also hosts the Harris House Museum. Now you can find here many restaurants, antique stores, and shopping malls.

Airline History Museum: This is located at the downtown airport. If you are a flight enthusiast, then then this place will capture your interest. TWA moon liner is quite popular here. The flight simulators are also quite interesting

If you land to Kansas, you must visit the popular tourist destinations mentioned above. You can book Delta Airlines Peru Telefono and reach the famous Kansas City and pamper your eyes by visiting these amazing places.

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