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Top 10 NFT Initiatives to Invest in 2022

NFT Token Development Company in USA

The NFT Token Development Company

The NFT craze is still going strong. In fact, experts on cryptocurrencies think that the NFT revolution has just begun and will lead to more people using the blockchain. People who don’t have a lot of money can buy completely owned works of art from NFT token development companies.

1. CryptoPunks

In 2022, CryptoPunks could be the most well-known NFT project you can invest in. It comes with a huge set of 10,000 punk characters made by a computer. But every punk is different and has its own traits and personality. The way each character is different lets us figure out how much the collectibles are worth. The launch of CryptoPunks was a big hit.

2. Evidence of Beauty

Proof of Beauty is another great non-fungible token (NFT) project that tells the history of the Ethereum blockchain. Proof of Beauty is meant to honor and keep alive the history of the Ethereum blockchain and bring more attention to it. The Proof of Beauty NFT series starts with the HASH round. So, it lets you turn your blockchain transactions into beautiful NFT works of art.

3. Virtual Reality Land

VRL, or Virtual Reality Land, is an NFT project that is one of a kind. Decentraland is the best place to invest in non-fungible tokens. So, users can turn any land into money by building on it. In the world of NFTs, VRLs are becoming more popular and more useful.

4. Decentraland

For users to take part in Decentraland, they need NFTs and fungible tokens. Users also need to be able to connect to their cryptocurrency wallet through a web browser in order to set up their new avatar. Think of it as a user’s virtual passport that shows who they are online. Lastly, it has MANA tokens, which can be bought from different crypto exchanges and used to buy land and other assets.

5. Flow

When it came out in 2020, Flow quickly became a popular NFT. In fact, Flow has become a place where new games, apps, and digital collectibles are being made. Flow uses a single layer of blockchain technology, which has been the basis for many consumer-based blockchain apps.

6. Project Codex

Codex is another decentralized title registry based on the blockchain that can be used to verify and authenticate NFTs. With this platform, it’s easy for NFT creators to make a record that can be collected and moved around the digital world. Through the Codex Viewer, potential buyers can use this protocol to verify their identity and check the history of ownership.

7. First Shot

NBA Top Shot is a custom app built on the blockchain that lets you trade collectibles. One of the projects that made NFTs popular in 2021 was Top Shot. Since it came out, the blockchain-based app has become a great place to trade different collectibles. The Top Shot app is not built on Ethereum but on the Flow blockchain.

8. Name Services for Ethereum

ENS, which stands for Ethereum Name Services, is a platform for domain name NFTs. Users can choose domain names that can’t be changed and connect them to NFT marketplaces like Rarible. With ENS, the domain name can also receive any type of cryptocurrency, token, or non-fungible token (NFT). It’s a great way to start private, secure, and decentralized websites. In fact, the ENS platform already has more than 238,000 domain names.

9. Axie, Forever

Axie Infinity is now one of the NFT projects that have done the best. This made it possible for the NFT model of “play-to-earn” to become the new standard. But unlike other similar NFT projects, this one is simpler and focuses on “how” players can pick up battles and breed creatures or Axies as quickly as possible.


EQIFI is a decentralized finance project that lets people use ERC-20, ETH, and fiat currencies to borrow, invest, and lend. Even though it is a decentralized platform, it has its own bank so that users can use all of its services. With EQIFI, banking services are becoming more accessible to more people.


Create the next big NFT sensation and leverage the true power of the blockchain metaverse. We’re just starting to get into the real world of non-fiat currencies, and NFT token development can help you get there faster. RisingMax Inc. is an NFT token development company with the right teams and skills to get your next project off the ground. Our NFT token development services cover the whole process, from making the tokens to putting together a full metaverse platform.


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