Top 10 Ghostwriting Stories for your children’s

A story is telling of an event, either its true or fictional, in a way that a listener learns something new by the facts. Story is transferring the experience, information, knowledge, attitude and point of view.

Short moral stories are fantastic to teach valuable lessons to your child in a fun way. Make stories long enough to concentrate your child.

1- The Lion and the Mouse

When a lion was resting in the forest, a mouse began racing up and down his body for no apparent reason. The lion’s sleep was disturbed, and he was agitated when he awakened. When the mouse begged the lion not to eat him, the lion agreed to let him go. “If you save me, I promise you that I will be of great assistance to you in the future.” The lion chuckled at the mouse’s self-assurance and released him.

A group of hunters entered the woodland one day and captured the lion. They had him tethered compared to a tree. As he strained to get out, the lion began to whimper. The mouse then proceeded to pass by and observed the lion in distress. He bolted and dashed.

2- The Fox and the Stork

Once upon a time, a greedy fox invited a stork to dinner. Stork was overjoyed by the offer and arrived at the fox’s residence on time, banging on the door with her long beak. The fox took her to the dinner table, who served them both soup in shallow bowls. She couldn’t eat any soup because she couldn’t eat from it since it was too shallow. The fox, on the other hand, ate his soup rapidly.

The stork was enraged and unhappy, but she kept her emotions hidden and acted graciously. She then asked the fox to supper the next day to teach him a lesson. She, too, offered soup, but it was served in two tall thin vases this time. The stork ate everything.

3-     The Crystal Ball

Nasir, a tiny boy, discovered a crystal ball behind his garden’s banyan tree. The tree assured him that it would come true if he made a wish. He was overjoyed and thought long and hard, but he could not come up with anything he desired. As a result, he kept the crystal ball in his luggage and waited to make his wish.

He didn’t make a wish for days until his best friend noticed him staring at the crystal ball. He took it from Nasir and displayed it to the entire community. They all wanted palaces, wealth, and a lot of gold, but they couldn’t have more than one wish. Everyone was outraged at the end of the day since no one could have expected it.

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4-     A Bundle of Sticks

Once upon a time, three village neighbors were having problems with their harvests. Each neighbor had one field, yet their crops were all wilting and infected with pests. They would come up with new ways to help their crops every day. To no effect, the first tried putting a scarecrow in his field, the second used insecticides, and the third constructed a fence around his field.

The three farmers were summoned by the local head one day. He gave them each a staff and instructed them to break it. Farmers were able to break them. He then presented them with a three-stick bundle and told them to break it. This time, the farmers fought to break the sticks. The village head replied, “You are stronger and work better together than alone.” The farmers understood what the village leader was saying. They combined their resources and were able to eliminate pests from their farms.


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5-      The Fox and the Grapes

On a hot summer day, a fox travelled across the bush, searching for food. He was starving and in severe need of sustenance. He looked in every direction but couldn’t find anything edible. His tummy grumbled as he continued his hunt. He soon arrived at a vineyard brimming with sweet grapes. The fox looked around to make sure the hunters weren’t pursuing him. He decided to steal some grapes because no one else was nearby. He jumped high and high, but the grapes dodged him.

The fox attempted to capture the grapes in his mouth by leaping high into the air, but he failed. He tried again, but this time he missed. He tried a few more times but was unsuccessful. The fox was becoming enraged as it grew darker. He eventually gave up because his legs hurt. “I’m sure the grapes were sour anyway,” he added as he walked away.

6- The Bear and two Friends

One day, two best buddies went through the jungle on a lonely and risky path. They became fearful as the sun began to fall, yet they clung to each other. A bear suddenly confronted them in their way. One of the boys dashed to the nearest tree and quickly climbed it. Because the other child couldn’t climb the tree by himself, he lay down on the ground and pretended to be dead.

The bear sniffed around the boy’s head as he approached him on the ground. The bear disappeared after appearing to whisper something in the boy’s ear. The tree climbing lad descended and inquired of his pal about what the bear had spoken in his ear. Then He replied: “Do not trust friends who do not care for you”.

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7- A Greedy Lion

On a sweltering day in the wild, a lion began to feel peckish. He had just begun his hunt for food when he came across a lone hare. Instead of grabbing the hare, the lion let it go, saying, “A small hare like this can’t satisfy my appetite.” Then a gorgeous deer came by, and he decided to take a chance. He raced and sprinted behind the deer, but he struggled to keep up with the deer’s speed because he was weak from hunger.

Exhausted and defeated, the lion returned to seek the hare to temporarily fill his stomach, but it had vanished. For a long time, the lion was sad and hungry.

8- The Golden Touch

Once upon a time, a king named Midas did the god deed to Satyr and wished for Dionysus. For his wish, he asked Midas that whatever he would touch would change into gold. So, he thinks that it is the bestowed wish.

Midas was excited about the new powers and touched on different things to turn them into gold. But soon, Midas got hungry. As he picked up food to eat, it changed into pure gold in his hands, and he realized that he couldn’t eat his food.

Hungry Midas starved, “Perhaps, this wish was not the good idea after all”. Seeing him in pain, his beloved daughter hugged him to make him comfortable, but Midas cried when she too converted into gold.

9- The Proud Rose

There was a beautiful rose far away in dessert, and her only complaint was that an ugly cactus was next to her. He insulted and mocked the cactus for his looks each day, but the cactus remained silent. All the other plants nearby tried to make her a sense, but the rose was too busy for her looks.

One flaming summer, dessert started drying, and there was no water for the plants. Rose’s petals began to dry and lost their lush color.

She saw a sparrow dip his beak into the cactus to drink some water. Rose was ashamed and asked for some water for herself. Kind cactus agreed and helped her as a friend through the summer.

10-   A Wise Old Owl

An old owl lived on an oak tree, and he observed many incidents around him.

He saw a little boy helping an old man carrying his heavy basket the next day, and he saw a daughter shouting at her mother. As days went on, he saw more but spoke less.

The old had seen and heard what had happened in front of him. Some people got better, and some got worse, but the owl became wiser by his observation.

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