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Top 10 benefits of studying at the best law colleges in Mumbai

law colleges in Mumbai

The judiciary is one of the four pillars of democracy, and the desire to be part of it by studying law to be its custodians is increasing among students. Hence, studying in the law colleges in Mumbai is on the rise as it enables students to become lawyers and honourable judges of the Supreme Court.

Though there are many lucrative study fields like technology, doctors, and others, many prefer to study law for the respect it commands from society. Also, it enables you to have independent practice with no age bar. And with the right skills and development of many other essential court procedures, anyone can become a legal luminary in high demand with dignity and good pay.

This article will discuss the need to study in the new law college Mumbai and its many benefits to having a prosperous and respectful career throughout their lifetime.

Why is there a need to study at the new law college Mumbai?

Most of the laws still under the rule of the land were enacted during the British colonial period and the formation of the constitution nearly seventy-five years ago. But there are also many amendments to the old laws and new laws enacted by the Indian parliament in recent years. Hence, studying in the new law college Mumbai with updated curricula from the Bar Council of India will help students thoroughly understand the new laws. Its accreditation provides the best faculty experts in many legal forms like civil, criminal, company, labor, technology, media, and others. Hence, studying the five-year full-time courses like B.A. LLB, BBA LLB, and B.Com LLB from the best law colleges in Mumbai will have many benefits.

Benefits of studying in the best law colleges in Mumbai

It is not without a reason that studying in Mumbai law colleges is increasing in popularity among students. It is because of the confidence and outspoken qualities that the law teaches them. Many powerful leaders worldwide, from Mahatma Gandhi to Nelson Mandela, were lawyers and went ahead to become popular and create history. Also, many past and present presidents and prime ministers of many countries are lawyers. Even in India, many successful politicians are advocates, having studied in new law colleges Mumbai and others. There are also many other benefits from it, which include:

  1. Enables to join many government services like a legal advisor to many departments and many other posts to handle cases filed against them by the public.
  2. It enhances law graduates’ eligibility to crack the many prestigious exams conducted by UPSC, or Union Public Service Commission and makes them eligible to join the army, navy, and air force.
  3. Can become magistrates or judges by bypassing the public service commission or even become high court judges by reputation and continuous successful practice over many years to get further promoted to even Supreme Court judges.
  4. Learn law to teach law by further studying and earning a Ph.D. to become professors in government and private law colleges in India and abroad.
  5. Practice law as an advocate to become famous and earn a lot of money to argue for clients in many courts, from the Munsif to the Supreme courts.

Other Benefits

  1. If you have enough writing skills and legal proficiency, you can write law books and publish them or become a law reporter or journalist.
  2. A legal analyst is another benefit of studying law to conduct analysis in the legal sphere about companies and their functions, including legal documents.
  3. Legal researchers help win cases by conducting in-depth research to find the right legal points and laws to support them.
  4. Work in private companies as legal advisors and in other capacities to defend the company in any court of law.
  5. Helps lead a lawful private and professional life and allows friends and relatives to save them from any legal issues.

The above facts, needs, and benefits will convince anyone to study law at the new law college Mumbai to widen their career opportunities and live a dignified and respectful life.


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