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Tips for Hair Coloring with Henna: An Informative Guide

Tips for Hair Coloring with Henna

Henna is one of the ancient and natural hair dyes which is used for centuries for coloring hair. We can say that the use of natural henna powder is a popular choice for dyeing hair in India. In starting, almost every Indian household opt for henna to conceal their greys, serving several purposes too. Not only for coloring hair, but it yields several benefits for hair and scalp with a safer and harmless revamp to your hair looks. Let us have a look at some tips hair coloring with henna or the ways to make the henna application effective and fruitful:

10 Effective Tips Hair Coloring with Henna

If you are choosing henna dye as a natural alternative to chemical dyes, there are a few tips and advice to follow to get an intense and rich color of henna along with the effective application. This article will inform you about the tips for hair coloring with henna.

1.      Use natural henna powder

Make sure to do good research and pick only organic and natural henna powder as there are several henna powders available in the market which are filled with a lot of chemical ingredients that cause harm to your hair. Read the label of the product carefully before buying, so you can only choose among the brands which are pure and authentic henna manufacturers.

2.      Apply on Damp Hair

Henna yields better results on damp hair, thus, make sure that before applying henna your hair is clean and damp. Do not apply it directly to wet hair, i.e., ensure to towel-dry your hair. it absorbs effectively and better on damp hair and results in dark and rich pigmentation.

3.      Smooth henna paste

For an even application of henna, the henna paste should be smooth and perfectly blended. Add sugar to the henna mixture for making a smooth henna paste. It will not make your mixture lumpy and make the application more even.

4.      Iron bowls for Preparing Henna

In ancient times, iron bowls and utensils were used to make the henna paste as it results in the release of intense color, Thus, use iron bowls for preparing your henna paste, so more dye release can be obtained.

5.      Pre-wash with a clarifying shampoo

Pre-wash your hair with a deep cleansing shampoo before going for henna coloring. The application of henna should proceed on clean and shampooed hair. As dirt, oils, and mineral build-up will make a barrier for the henna dye from penetrating and the results will not be effective and better at all. This is one of the crucial tips to follow for every henna application.

6.      Blend with herbs

For an overall hair and scalp treatment along with hair coloring, blend natural herbs like Brahmi, shikakai, bhringraj, amla, and hibiscus with natural henna powder. It will not only supply an ample amount of nourishment but also intensifies the effect of henna application.

7.      Lemon Juice for oily hair

If you have oily hair texture, adding a splash of lemon juice to your henna paste will make a good dye release and will be good for oily scalp. It will give a darker and rich henna color. However, if you have a dry and sensitive scalp and hair, avoid using lemon juice as it can lead to a drying effect.

8.      Hot brews and henna

A cup of hot brewed chamomile tea, green tea, coffee, or black tea works wonders when added to henna powder and left overnight. These freshly brewed and hot liquids help in intensifying the color pay-off of henna dye and provide a rich and dark shade to hair. This will also aid in making the henna paste smoother and evenly blended. The use of warm water is also recommended.

9.      Avoid immediate rinse with shampoo

After the application of henna, avoid rinsing your hair immediately with shampoo. Instead, use a conditioner after the wash and rinse again. This will allow the henna to set in and release dark color as an immediate wash with shampoo tends to dull the color and will reduce the effect of the henna dye.

10. Protection against staining

The application of henna dye is messy and ends up staining your skin and clothes. So, make sure to use a pair of rubber gloves and an old towel to avoid staining your shoulders, clothes, and hands. Apply a required amount of Vaseline on your neck, ears, and hairline to avoid stains.

Coloring with henna is an easy yet messy process. However, it is the safest and most natural way of coloring your hair till you are using natural henna powder. You can get your hands on Kirpal Export Overseas’s natural and organic henna powder as it is 100% pure and organic. KEO is one of the leading henna manufacturers and exporters in India and its henna is sourced from natural means and processes.

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