Think Exam helps in providing real CBT Exam experience to students

From primary to tertiary education, all sort of education needs the outcome of knowledge. Assessments play an instrumental role in the evaluation process. A well-designed evaluation focuses on target areas with complete accuracy and motivates students to perform better. Before the digital revolution, evaluation was based on the traditional process. After the evolution of the internet, the assessment has changed. In the new age era, computer-based tests have emerged as technological advancement and eliminated the inconvenience of managing conventional assessments.  For instance, the requirement of the examination hall, sitting configuration, paper, sheets, and logistical hassle are evident in the traditional examinations.

Conducting examinations online is benefited the invigilators and examination authorities as it streamlines the complete process of conducting examinations. The need for conducting CBT exams has increased post-pandemic. The global pandemic has jeopardized the complete scenario of the examination. Whereas, the CBT exam is offering a platform to minimize the administrative burden and eliminate the time and effort in laborious work. Also, it is helping students to give a real-time exam experience to overcome exam fear and anxiety through mock examinations In a computer-based test, the candidate is asked to come to the center and give the exam on the screen. The Computer-based exam is streamlining the complete education system and pre-employment test. 

Advantages of using Think Exam CBT Exam 

Computer-based tests are used for various purposes such as certification, pre-employment screen, etc. Corporates used these tests for creating a pathway as well as career progression, as well as learning and development. Here are the advantages of the CBT exam  which are as follows: 

  • Convenience: Institutes can conduct CBT exams anytime. Students can give exams according to their convenience. Candidates from far locations can give the exam easily. It permits candidates to choose the time slot. 
  • Computer Adaptive Testing: Computer-Based tests adjust the difficulty, based on the examinee’s ability and knowledge. Computer adaptive testing is a milestone in technology. It offers effective techniques for determining the candidate’s ability. 
  • Integrity: The computer-based test ensures transparency and integrity of the test. Online proctoring maintains the authenticity of the test as well as security. 
  • Wide Reach: In the ongoing pandemic, social distancing was the new norm. Conducting online exams was the only hope for the education institutes. Unlike traditional exams, candidates can appear in the exam. 

The computer-based exam is gaining popularity in the education domain. Think Exam is an exceptional platform which is offering a prominent solution for conducting CBT exams. Institutes can conduct mock exams so that students can get the exact feel of the exam. Think Exam offers high-end technology and predefined technology to manage examinations. It has altered the process of exam delivery. It ensures that test-takers can give exams in a simple and secure way. Think Exam caters to the entrance exam, internal exams, scholarship tests, and recruitment exams. 

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