Things to do in Kasol

things to do in kasol


Kasol is a beautiful place for a weekend getaway and to make your weekend more amazing and mesmerizing, you should definitely do the following listed things. 

Camping at Riverside

Now if you are going to customers and are not doing riverside them then you trip is not . Experienced addicts and nature darlings are entertained by this spot. On the off chance that you are wanting a loosening up night stay in the midst of nature, you ought to attempt riverside setting up camp in Kasol. Set up your camp right alongside the lovely Parvati waterway and prepare to rest under the sky loaded with stars around evening time. In the first part of the day you can partake in the unblemished view while savoring some espresso or tea. These places will get you the best experience of your weekend vacation. You can stay in tents which are set up at the river side. One river where you can do your riverside camping is Parvati river. Resting for a day or two near the gushing river and the peace and silence in a riverside camping is something for what people come from miles away. 



Now imagine after doing this riverside near Parvati river you need to explore the beauty and magnificence of the villages and towns near it then Chalal is the best place to go. One can partake in the genuine quietness of the otherworldly Himachal Pradesh by traveling somewhat further from this significant town to the curious little town of Chalal. Arranged at a height of more than 5300 feet and a 30-minute journey away from the vacationer center of Kasol, Chalal has figured out how to hold its old-world mountain town rural appeal. Set in the delightful Parvati Valley of the Himalayas, with a great perspective on snow-covered mountains and grand pine trees, this interesting town has been nicknamed the “Israel of Himachal Pradesh”.


Music festival at Kasol

Another thing for which Kasol is known is its Music Festivals. umerous celebrations occur at Kasol, yet Kasol Music Festival has its sparkle in Himachal Pradesh. It’s a two-day occasion to celebrate the new year and fresh starts. The idea of this celebration is to return you to the Himalayan energies to observe the new year with a bang, to a whole frenzy and disorder. So we bring in every one of the types of the infinite universe to assemble for the love of music, workmanship and nature. Envision large number of animals stuffed into an ecstatic site of wild moving on to the music by pounding their spirits past their bodies to such an extent that you can feel the energies en route to the dance floor where all that starts stepping for a not-to-be missed occasion called ”New Year’s Eve ‘. Thus, It is a must watch thing in Kasol because without this, your trip is incomplete. 


Moon Dance Cafe 

Kasol is a serene heaven in Parvati Valley, and at its heart is the Moon Dance Cafe. The menu has an extraordinary assortment of choices to take care of all food inclinations. Assuming you are searching for the best activities in Kasol with your companions, Moon Dance Cafe ought to top your rundown. This bistro embellishes itself with staggering perspectives on neighboring mountains and valleys. Liked by quite a few people, this bistro unwinds the chance for you to have a few incredible discussions. A great place not just for hanging out or dance or enjoyment, but also to give your stomach the best treats. In the event that you are hanging around for breakfast, you should attempt dishes, for example, bread rolls, fried eggs, etc. While there may be different bistros which are better, Moon Dance Cafe has its own appeal and genuineness. The food is extremely new and you can taste the newness in their arrangement. From Cannelloni to pizza to Sizzlers, all that you attempt is simply awesome. To top that super quick and gracious assistance by cordial staff. It will be a really great find for you.  



If someone visits Kasol and they don’t go to Tosh; it is impossible. It is a very famous attraction in Kasol. Famous for its marijuana estates, the quiet town of Tosh is simply one more illustration of the unrivaled normal excellence that Himachal Pradesh holds inside its limits. Situated at the furthest finish of Parvati Valley, Tosh is immaculate by modernisation and high speed life. With its contiguous territory and the waters of waterway Parvati coursing through its chest, the Tosh Kasol journey is the go-to undertaking for all thrill seekers. The radical culture and powerful energy of this town will clearly move you to a different universe. And one more thing for why it is famous is because it is not just a group trek but one can enjoy it alone as well. Situated at a height of 2,400 m, this spot is generally a piece of each and every explorer’s list of must-dos from both all over, making it an incessant traveler objective. Getting here is also very simple and easy without any hustles. To arrive the most effective way is by transport and you can take a transport to Manali and get off at Bhuntar that is around 50 kilometers before Manali. From here, you can take a HRTC transport to Barshaini. Presently journey up to Tosh as it is scarcely any distance and is one of the most beautiful and dazzling trips you will go over. Once you cover this journey you will end up being at the most traditional and beautiful village you have ever come across. 

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