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The Best Survival Foods for DIY Long-Term Food Storage

DIY Long-Term Food Storage

Have you been looking for the right foods that you can store for a long time? DIY long term food storage has become extremely popular these days. The reason behind it is the number of emergencies occurring around us. At any time, any disaster or health crisis can hit us. Hence, we need to be well prepared with an ample amount of food at our disposal. If we do not have the right food items, things may become extremely difficult for us.

You may sometimes notice that the government finds it difficult to reach people during such times. This is because there are so many people living in a particular place. So, reaching everyone during an unfavorable situation may be a little difficult. Hence, it is your responsibility to tackle the situation in the best way possible. For doing this, you should store survival foods using products like Mylar bags. This can help you stay prepared without worrying about what the future has in store. So, if you are still confused about MRE food storage then we can help you. We have listed down some survival foods that you can rely on.

Grains for DIY long-term food storage

There are various grains that you can store for the long term. Storing grains would always be a great idea because the grains would help provide carbohydrates in a time of emergency. This means that you and your family members will have enough energy for the day. You will feel full after having grains. Some of the grains that you can store long-term are flour, white rice, and rolled oats. You can also store dry pasta, noodles, spaghetti, and much more.

Protein sources for food storage

Protein is also important because it is an essential nutrient that we must have. So, you should store enough protein-rich food items while storing food for the long term. Some food items that you can rely on are canned meat, dried meat, canned beans, and dried beans. Other protein-rich survival foods are dried lentils, legumes, powdered eggs, and much more. These food items can help you feel full for a long time and will also keep your family healthy. So, you must store these foods for the long term.

Fruits and vegetables for long-term food storage

Other than grains and protein sources, you also need to store fruits and vegetables. You can easily store all kinds of vegetables by freeze-drying them. Other than this, you can also store dehydrated vegetables easily. You can store canned vegetables. Similarly, you can easily store dehydrated fruits and freeze-dried fruits. Canned fruits are also suitable for long-term food storage. Apart from this, dried corn and potato flakes would also be great for food storage.

Other cooking essentials

There can be some situations where you may not have the resources for cooking food. However, if the situation is not that bad, you can easily cook food at home. But for cooking food, you need a few products. You can easily store vinegar, olive oil, and coconut oil. Other than this, you can store products like tea, coffee, and powdered milk for consumption in case of an emergency. You can also store baking products like baking soda.

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