Stunning Tables for Home to Make your Day-to-day Activities Simplified


Our home comprises various kinds of tables, that make our life easier to live. Be it your living area, dining area, bedroom, or any other space at home. But, have you ever thought of, if these were not around us. Were we able to function better, we all need something to keep our essentials on it. Otherwise, our essential items will go missing, be it our keys, spectacles, chargers, etc. Apart from that our interior aesthetic value is equally important. If the person is not feeling good about the ambiance, how one will live? Our home eventually is a place to get prepared for the next day at work. Be it mentally, physically, or emotionally. Today, we will be discussing various kinds of wooden table and how they can uplift the mood of space along with adding functionality.

Coffee Table


Coffee tables or center tables are an expressive element of your home. It is kept in your living area, where your guests use to come and meet. The space lets you portray the personality you own. The coffee tables are available in various designs and styles, which let you choose your decor type.

For modern houses, a wide range of coffee tables with small stools, that can be moved under them is available.

Contemporary style decor requires a combination of traditional and modern, which enhances the space in no time.

For traditional home decor, the standard wooden center table will perfectly embrace the space.

Console Table

wooden table

Console tables are an important part of Indian homes from a traditional period. The designs have now been modified according to the current demands. Console tables are usually required for narrow spaces. Such spaces can be used effectively afterward. For modern homes, they are found to be useful to use the tiny spaces as functional spaces. They are very commonly seen in the lobby area, empty corners, etc.

End Table

wood table

Your sofa set does need a wooden plank to hold your essentials like your landline, diaries, pens, and lamps. It is possible with an end table; you may have found these in various studio apartments. The best places; where an end table is used are with beds, sofa sets, couches, etc.

Nest of Tables

wooden tables

Nesting of tables can also be used as side end tables. They are usually available in metal with golden finishing, giving your space festive vibes. You can visit the WoodenStreet website online to get a collection to choose from, for your home sweet home.

Dining Table

wooden table online

There comes our basic dining table, without which our family cannot survive. It is a survival unit, in which our family use to sit together and eat together at least two meals of the day. Dinner time is not possible without a dining table, as we all use to discuss our whole day with our loved ones. In Indian families, it is a mandatory ritual to sit and eat together. You just need to see your requirement, and pick the seating capacity you require for homes.

Study Table

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Last but not the least is the study table. A most precious and traditionally used wooden table, by our ancestors too. To write their journals, wood tables were found in the basic designs. The recent demands have been modified with changing needs of people. WoodenStreet is serving multiple designs from a standard study table to a smart laptop table. They can be used by any age group, some designs are adjustable to height.

The current discussion was a meaningful conversation with you all. As we have not discussed yet the other scenarios of our daily routine. This will be continued in the next content, till then visit our website and pick your favorite wooden table to spend the time in a meaningful way.

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