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Reasons why you should use Weed hangings in your home


In the arts and culture magazine Broccoli, the publisher explores the aspect of cannabis over a curious and playful lens. Lately, A Weed Tapestry  Is a Flower, a hardcover photography book inspired by the beauty of the cannabis plant and its relationship to flowers. A long time collector of books and magazines believes that publications are portals to unlocking new worlds and ideas. A Weed Tapestry  is the Flower evolving into a symbol for cannabis normalization, providing readers with a chance to take Weed Tapestry  without the actual full-body experience of getting high.

The book is separated into two sections: Wild Flowers and Super Blooms, and with every turn of the page, the images become massively unreal. Books taking up residence in spaces around the world, I’ve thought about what it means to be a cannabis enthusiast at home. The book’s intertwined theme of flowers and cannabis makes various ways to express stoner aesthetics with objects and decor.

There are many reasons why you should use Weed Tapestry  hanging in your room. They are :

Get into a smoked environment

Usually, many stoners are seen having a lot of tapestry in their living surroundings or environment as it helps their already smoked out brain to see and have psychedelic thoughts and visions. Having things like with stress and other thoughts and problems the living human does not want to face and deal they usually “smoke up” or “get high” to generally not think about anything or maybe tend to think might get something which we call “happy thoughts” and the stoners call “my happy world” in many ways tapestry does not generalize their thoughts and feelings

Vibrant green

The stoners are usually familiar with green as a primary colour. They would want to be surrounded by psychedelic art, which will invigorate them and inspire them to stay in the smoked mood. Plus, it helps them to stay calm and have fun while smoking up doobies.

The centerpiece that showcases your interest

You are typically a stoner. As a stoner, while decorating your room, you would want to showcase psychedelic and vibrant art that is unreal. The art is typically amazing and outwardly. When you’re a stoner, you would want to showcase art that reflects your stoner culture. Some vibrant, 80’s art or even digital art of Bob Marley, tell your guest exactly what you like.

Spliff packs

Melanie Bernier, a well-known musician and artist, makes pretty spliff holders from vinyl, fabric, and thread and also makes wood faux joints to suit them, also excellent tchotchkes for people who wish not to inhale.

 Light spectrum

Light setting up artist Bentley Meeker meshes high and low culture with his “Bongoliers”, chandeliers made of remade glass bongs. The sculptures juxtapose various sources of light, with some showcasing a full spectrum, and some on the more shady side. It sounds like something you have to see to believe. 

 Various versions

Identified party boy of the early aughts Dan Colen is sober now, but in 2006 he made a homage to marijuana in the version of this mixed-media creation. To make work, Colen blew up an iconic Life magazine cover from 1969 that showcases a marijuana cigarette foregrounded by a pair of lips. 

 Original unusual composition

Fred Tomaselli has spread all kinds of things in his resin-coated compositions, including bugs, pills, butterflies, and flowers, but this 1994 work is dedicated purely to marijuana. The black setting and minimalist style points out the plant’s soft, natural beauty without compromising Tomaselli’s signature sense of psychedelia. Super Plant currently is in the Hort Family Collection in New York.

 Various art forms

If you love cannabis or music, it’s more similar than not that you’ve unintentionally seen Greg Welch’s art somewhere.

With the use of the Cannabiscapes acronym, the young creator has made hundreds of art pieces making use of ground cannabis flowers and other similar products for everyone and their grandmothers. 

 That’s all folks! Until next time.

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