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Pursue a Degree from the Top B Arch Colleges in Delhi for the Best Job Opportunities

college for B Tech  in MP
college for B Tech  in MP

Architecture is one of the most ancient forms of art and design. Many students would like to pursue a degree in architecture after graduating high school. The top B Arch colleges in Delhi including the Amity School of Architecture and Planning at Amity University Gurgaon, Haryana, provide all programs related to architecture. Architectural achievements and savings are mainly the historical civilizations that still stand strong.


An Architect has a very high scope in India after graduating from the top colleges that offer B Arch in Haryana. It is a profession that is ever-changing and evolving. They not only work on designing and constructing houses and business establishments but also enter various fields of designing sites for exhibitions and sports events, creating unique lighting systems, designing landscapes, etc. Architect gets to learn the process of construction of complexes and civil construction by applying their innovative ideas and analytical skills.


Different levels of the program, require different levels of eligibility criteria. For Diploma Courses: Students can apply for a diploma in engineering, 10+2 is the minimum requirement for other diploma courses. B.Arch.: Students must have passed board exams and must have completed class 12th with Mathematics and English as compulsory subjects, students who have completed a 3-year diploma after class 10th, a lot of colleges require candidates to clear architecture entrance exams. For M. Arch and Doctoral Degrees: Students must have completed their B.Arch., candidates are also required to pass PG entrance exams like the top B Arch colleges in Delhi.

Pros and Cons of Becoming an Architect

Being an Architect has a lot of advantages, some of which are:

This field requires a great deal of vision and expression. Once you gain more experience in this field. You contribute more to actual design work rather than getting involved in technical issues and routine construction tasks. Putting your creative handprint on a bridge, building, city, or town is extremely fulfilling. Architects are there to learn about the different aspects of project development and what it takes to design, plan, and construct a building. They understand the process of construction techniques, sites, project analysis, acquiring building permits, etc.

Every good thing has some cons as well. Which in this case would be that. Field of architecture is subject to the ups and downs of the economy. If you want to be an architect, the educational, training, and certification requirements are very extensive, which possibly could be cost-prohibitive to some individuals. The starting salary of an architect is considered lower than average when compared to other professional careers with similar requirements because it mainly applies to their experiences.

Job Options

The job of an architect requires meetings with clients, determining objectives and requirements for structures, direct workers who prepare, drawings and documents, preparing structure specifications, managing construction contracts, and scaled drawings. Students can get good job opportunities and salary packages if they graduate from the top B Arch in Haryana.

Specializations in Masters in Architecture

Students who apply for M.Arch. can specialize in Regional Planning, Sustainable Architect, Town and Country Planning. Environmental Architect, Rural Architect, Transportation Planning and Design, and Landscape Architect. Top recruiters for M.Arch. graduates are DLF, L&T, Sahara Group, and Eros Group. B.Arch. incorporates elements of both rural and urban, residential and commercial infrastructure through a professionally oriented curriculum.


If you are also looking to pursue a degree in B.Arch. You can seek admission to the top B Arch colleges in Delhi that ensure good quality education. An environment that encourages students to perform their best in their interested fields.

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