In a post-Covid-19 world, the authorities advise people who want to travel from the USA to submit their vaccination certificates. They must meet the necessary health measure for their ensuring destination. It is the sole obligation of travelers to familiarize themselves with the health regulations of Morocco. The experience of traveling in Morocco can make your holidays exciting, culture-centric, and engaging. However, traveling does not always mean visiting a place but also getting aware of the site’s culture, with new people and norms. Talking about where to get attractive tour packages? S & J Tours is the best travel agency with a registered office in New York City. The travel agency offers its Morocco tour packages from the USA. The S & J Tours’ local operators will accompany you throughout the journey.

Why choose S & J Tours?

S & J Tours organizes private and customized tours of Morocco for travelers. The agency designs each time along with its client’s requirements. The residual will be personalize to fit your travel dates, priorities, and style. S & J Tours’ tour packages are flexible and are personalized to fit around the experiences you wish to have. The agency works hard to balance your time to include free exploration with engaging guided visits where necessary. Therefore, you will get to explore independently, if you wish, and always have your driver or expert guide with you whenever needed.

Post-Covid essentials guidelines are include in tour packages.

Travel agencies are bound by moral values to ensure their client’s safety. For this purpose, safety guidelines must be include in the travel agency’s tour packages. The guidelines represent the efforts of the travel agency to combat the challenges that arose in the Post-Covid world. Furthermore, Moroccan authorities assure the implementation of all the essential WHO (World Health Organization) health and safety recommendations.

Valid telephone numbers in Morocco

Morocco is a very harmless country to travel. It is regard as one of most stable countries in North Africa and the Middle East combine. You will be informed in detail about this and various safety issues in S & J Tours’ Morocco tour packages. You can also learn more about Morocco safety for US travelers, Canadians, Australian, and the UK from official governmental sites.

Moroccan tour packages must include all the information travelers require in usual and unusual circumstances. Travelers are required to use barrier gestures to safeguard themselves against any odds. You may consult with your embassy and consulate during your stay in Morocco. The necessary numbers of Moroccan authorities that a person traveling in Morocco must have been following:

  • Police: 190
  • Royal Gendarmerie: 177
  • Information: 160
  • Ambulance and Fire Brigade: 150
  • SOS Doctors: (+212) 522989898

What places may include in Morocco tour packages?

Tours to Morocco include the visit to many incredible places. The places with all of their magnificence and extravagant architectural sensations include:

  • Casablanca,
  • Imperial cities of Fes,
  • Chefchaouen,
  • Fes el Jadid
  • Meknès,
  • Atlas Mountain,
  • Marrakech to Merzouga,
  • Fairy tale dinner in the middle of a desert,
  • Tizi n’Tichka mountainous road,
  • Kasbah Ait Ben Haddou,
  • Rabat,
  • Ouezzane Rabat, and
  • Marrakech.

Jewish heritage tour

The early settlements of the Jewish community in Morocco are related to many myths. It is an essential part of today’s civilization. Numerous travel agencies across the United States offer their services in exploring Jewish heritage tour packages. Among them is S & J Tours. S & J Tours is known for its commitment to clients. It is a highly-organized tour agency that provides you with a quality experience. S & J Tours offers to explore the ancestral Jewish sites under its tour packages of Jewish Heritage. S & J Tours organizes the Jewish heritage tour packages in two categories:

  1. 8 Days of Jewish Heritage Tour Package South of Morocco,

2. 12-Day Jewish Heritage Tour Package North and South of Morocco.

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