Paid Survey: 4 Websites to Make Money Online

mcdvoice con survey

Paid survey is a clear example of how easy it has become to find job and business opportunities in the digital world. In fact, paid surveys have become one of the most used methods to earn money online, since they are available online, they do not require a lot of effort and companies are willing to pay you to do this job.

Even paid surveys represent the livelihood and sole employment of many people. And this is because, with the correct techniques and portals, filling out surveys can be an interesting business for anyone with the time and patience. However simple this business may be, finding a worthwhile deal can take some time, especially if you are still getting into the business for the first time.

What is Internet survey?

The paid surveys like mcdvoice con are forms that contain a number of questions and questionnaires that revolve around a specific topic, in order to generate statistical data.

Surveys are so popular, and they have even become profitable businesses, thanks to the fact that they allow collecting information from a large number of people, this in order to generate a database that can function as a reference in research or, for commercial companies, to conduct market analysis.

And it’s that last feature that makes paid surveys relevant as a legitimate option for doing business.

Thanks to the fact that any company wishing to increase its sales would benefit from a market situation analysis, surveys quickly become the best option.

The paid surveys online such as mcdvoice are born from the reality that should encourage people to spend some of their time, shorter than it is to sit down and answer the questions presented to them.

Information for each platform:

  1. Lifepoints Survey

Lifepoints is one of the most recognized platforms in America to earn money with online surveys.

For each survey you fill out, you earn Lifepoints which you can redeem for gift vouchers, PayPal vouchers, Facebook credits or even make donations to charity.

  1. Surveyeah

This platform is available for countries such as Colombia, Mexico, Spain, Argentina, Venezuela, Peru, the United States, and almost all countries in Latin America. So it will be very useful to start filling out paid surveys.

Among its main benefits is that you have 24-hour support, in case you have doubts, problems or any questions regarding the surveys.

Like the other platforms, the only thing you have to do to start making money from home is to register for free and start receiving surveys in your email. As for the payment, this is made through Paypal or Amazon gift cards.

  1. Toluna

This platform or online community has more than 10 million members around the world.

For each survey you carry out, you receive points that you can redeem for bank transfers, or prizes at Amazon, Ikea, Carrefour, Dechatlon, Mango, Adidas, iTunes, among others.

Similarly, Toluna offers trial products from well-known brands just for subscribing to the platform. So it is a good way to start making money with this job online.

  1. Surveytime

Surveytime offers paid survey services worldwide, so no matter where you live you can sign up for this platform. Among its payment methods are Paypal, Amazon gift cards, Target, and Bitcoins, among others.

To start earning money with surveys, you must register and confirm your email. It is important that you complete this process and fill out your first survey. Each survey can take 10-15 minutes.

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