OutRight Store Launches SuiteCRM Server Error Finder | Open-Source Contribution

server error finder

Keeping the health of your server optimum is necessary for excellent performance. But most users don’t get to know about the issues they have with their server in the first place. OutRight Store has identified this problem and come up with a solution called SuiteCRM and Server Error Finder (A Free SuiteCRM Plugin).


Benefits and Features of Server Error Finder

This is a plugin that allows you to prepare for the potential issues by proactively providing the status report of the Server. Below are the detailed features that you will get.

  • Get Notified Instantly via Email: If there is any FATAL error on your server then our plugin will instantly send the email to you regarding the same.
  • Actionable insights: This means, you will be able to see the exact line of code which is causing the error. This will save you a lot of time because you won’t need to get over the entire code again.
  • Compatible with All Servers (Apache, NGINX, etc) and SuiteCRM: Using this plugin, you will be able to track all important errors of SuiteCRM as well as the server you are using.
  • Change Error Log file path as needed: Our plugin finds out the relevant errors from the error log file and if you want then you can change the path of the file as per your setup.
  • Personalize the Error Notifications: If you already know which errors are harmful to your server and SuiteCRM then you can easily create a personalized notification for them.
  • Day-End Report of all errors: At the end of the day, you will get a complete report comprising all errors of the SuiteCRM and Server.

The Best thing is, that Server Error Finder for SuiteCRM is a free plugin.  You can go right now to the Outright Store and start using it immediately. There will be no restrictions and you can use it free for a lifetime.

I have been noticing in our software development cycle how a FATAL error is halting the entire workflow. With the introduction of Server Error Finder in our software arsenal, we have got crucial insights. It is a user-centric tool and provides actionable insights into errors”


Benefits of Server Error Finder for SuiteCRM

  • Time-Saving: It will save you a lot of time since you won’t need to open your log file, again and again, to see which error occurred.
  • Free to use: This plugin is free to use so you don’t need to invest.
  • More visibility: Whenever something will went wrong in your SuiteCRM, you’ll be instantaneously notified. You can check what and where things went South and you can also make sure it won’t happen again.
  • Remove Guess Work: When software hits some error, developers start their guesswork to find out the root cause, but most of it doesn’t work. This issue provides the instantaneous email comprising the exact issue and you can take necessary action.


About Outright Store: Outright Store is a CRM development company that is active in the industry for nearly a decade. We have clients all over the globe and from various industries like Real Estate, Retail, media, etc. In addition to this, we have also developed cloud communication tools for business to enhance their customer engagement.

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