Online Project Planning Software

online project planning software

If you’re looking for an online project planning software, MindMeister is a good choice. It’s designed for collaboration in real time and includes numerous templates. MindMeister is fast and easy to use. IT Enterprise, a provider of software solutions, and Grupo JHR both use it. MindMeister lets you collaborate in real time, which makes it a great choice for large teams. It’s also highly customizable, so everyone can create the exact document they need.


If you’re looking for online project planning software that can manage hundreds of projects and thousands of tasks, you should check out Comindware. This software automates prioritization based planning to eliminate the need to manually reschedule work and ensures that team members have the latest work context. Comindware’s powerful software includes social collaboration capabilities, discussion rooms, and notifications that can be configured to fit your team’s preferences.

The Comindware Project planning software enables project managers to assign tasks to their team members, define priorities, and track their progress. It also provides transparency across all levels and automatically calculates the workload and availability of your resources. You can assign tasks to team members, discuss them, and brainstorm about the upcoming projects with the help of Gantt charts and other tools. This software allows you to plan for upcoming projects and track their progress to ensure that everyone is working according to plan.


If you’re looking for online project planning software, you’ve probably already seen ProofHub. This software has an intuitive interface and a feature set that will help you manage your projects. Its two pricing tiers are Essential and Ultimate Control. The free plan lets you use ProofHub for up to 40 projects and includes a few core features. You can also add up to 15 GB of storage, as well as use ProofHub for unlimited users.

ProofHub’s dashboard provides clear, graphical representations of upcoming projects. The dashboard shows a high-level snapshot, calendar timeline, and a “Slipping Report” to keep you up-to-date on the status of your project. You can even view a breakdown of time logged, tasks, and resources. ProofHub is useful for bringing team members together because it provides a single platform where everyone can collaborate.


If you’re in the market for an online project planning tool, you might want to take a look at Yodiz. Its user-friendly dashboard lets you see how projects are progressing and how much work each team member is doing. It even has a specialized Scrum Board, so you can track sprint progress. Users can also view backlogs and prioritize tasks. You can even link tasks to releases and track progress and issues across multiple projects.

While a free plan is sufficient for small teams, the paid plans come with more features. The first plan lets you create an unlimited number of projects and has a simple interface. The second plan costs $3 per user per month and includes an issue tracker, dashboard, reports, timesheet, and custom fields. The third plan costs $5 per month and includes a complete agile solution with priority support and a dedicated account manager. The free plan offers a 30-day trial and unlimited projects.


Project management can be stressful and leave team members physically and emotionally scarred. Perhaps your last project was difficult, over budget, or behind schedule, or your team’s collaboration wasn’t all that good. Project management software makes this difficult task easier by providing teams with the information they need to stay on top of the project, and helps them collaborate more efficiently. If you need a project management tool, consider purchasing a subscription to ProjectManager.

This tool provides a customizable control panel that allows managers to monitor the progress of their projects online. Team members can access multiple plans at once and view them in different ways. It also allows each team member to create their own personal task lists and see how tasks are progressing. If you need to share a plan with several stakeholders, you can set up multiple views for different team members. Using ProjectManager can help you scale your team and meet new requirements.


ClickUp online project planning software is a web-based time tracking tool that tracks your team’s progress. It also syncs with popular time tracking applications, enabling you to filter by date, priority, tags, and statuses to view a total time estimate for each task. ClickUp also offers timesheets, which give you a snapshot of time spent on each task, as well as an overview of time spent on tasks by week, month, and day.

The free plan offers basic features, but limited storage. ClickUp’s paid plans include a wide range of features and a lot more storage. The ClickUp Unlimited plan is for those who need unlimited storage, but are working on a small to medium business or enterprise project. With ClickUp Unlimited, you can store all your projects in the cloud, and even integrate third-party apps, which are not available on the free version.


You can also use alternatives to Harvest online project planning software, but they tend to focus on the same task, managing your projects. The software also offers a large range of features that make managing your work much easier, but is less affordable. Time Analytics is one such alternative that offers unified and powerful timesheets, time tracking, and employee productivity analysis. It offers simple and comprehensive timesheets that only take a few minutes to complete.

Harvest features team management features. You can set the capacity of each team member, indicating how many hours they are available to work. The software also tracks key metrics, such as the amount of time spent on each project. Moreover, Harvest lets you view team members’ availability and see how much they are costing. Harvest has many integrated tools, including Forecast software, which can help you manage your projects better. It has an intuitive interface that lets you view all of your projects from any angle.

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