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Let’s Style Up With A New Trendy Fleece Pullover


A fleece pullover is a lightweight casual jacket made of polyester synthetic wool such as Polar Fleece. The fleece fabric is usually made from polyester polyethylene terephthalate or other synthetic fibers, woven and brushed into a lightweight.

Difference between a fleece pullover and a flannel pullover

The flannel pullover is from a flannel is a brush fabric, typically made from cotton, that’s loosely woven and feels lightweight and soft against the skin. On the other hand, Fleece is a knit fabric typically made from artificial materials like polyester. Fleece is made by wrapping threads around each other, making for a thicker fabric. It may consider warmer because it traps heat very well, but it will not regulate your temperature, so you may become too hot. Flannel, however, does not have those extra threads and is made with a loose weave that allows excess heat to escape.

What is the fleece pullover?

Before we begin to discover the different types of Fleece, it is necessary to discuss what a Fleece is in a more general sense. Sometimes confusion occurs because we tend to think of the fur on wood-bearing animals when we think of Fleece.

1.   Anti-Pill Fleece pullover

We mentioned that one of the downsides is that it can pill up. These pills are because of the fibers rubbing together due to static electricity during the wash. Therefore, the fibers become knotted up and form little balls on the fabric’s surface, known as pills. Dresses made with anti-pill Fleece will look and feel better longer than Fleece which is not anti-pill. It is excellent for worn and frequently wash apparel, such as sleepwear and pajamas.

2.   Blizzard fleece

It is a kind of fleece fabric that is smoother, comfortable, and softer than anti-pill Fleece fabric, which means that it will be gentle on your skin. It is warmer because blizzard fleece is a bit denser and thicker. This type of fleece idea is for blankets, scarves, and gloves that will keep areas of your body warm that other articles of clothing will not. Hence, Blizzard fleece is typically make out of 100% polyester fibers. When it comes to the blanket, a cow print fleece pullover is mainly under the consumers’ demand.

3.   Bonded Fleece

Fleece is use as a lining and connect to a heavier fabric for clothing like jackets and outwear. It makes the dress warm but resistant to other elements like the wind in harsher climates where Fleece alone will not work. However, bonded Fleece could also refer to two pieces of Fleece bonded together to create a double-sided effect.

4.   Cotton fleece

While most kinds of Fleece on this list are synthetic and made from polyester, cotton fleece is just as it sounds: made from cotton. However, the primary method of making cotton fleece fabric is the same as synthetic materials. The significant difference is that cotton fleece with natural fibers instead of synthetic ones.

5.   Plush Fleece

Plush Fleece is the fabric with a super-soft and luxurious feel typically use to make heavy throw blankets. It is a type of Fleece that feels the most like fur compared to the other kinds of Fleece, and they love it for its softness, comfort, and warmth. However, plush Fleece is not ideal for making clothing due to its heavy.

Stylish ways to wear the fleece pullover

Color Blocking

A fleece jacket is an excellent way of injecting a playful dash of color into a look. There are many pattered examples, but our favorites adopt a ski-inspired look with color blocking. Look for fleece panels in contrasting shades – blue and red is a good shout – pair with neutral chinos or pale jeans and converse for an effortless off-duty look.

As a vest

A fleece vest is a good option when a full jacket is too much. You will get all the fiber’s warmth on your mid-section but with the added freedom of movement in the arms – think of it as a more playful take on the down gilet, making you look like an off-duty hedge funder.


One of the most incredible ways of wearing Fleece is as part of a minimal look. First, pick a jacket in an inoffensive color jacket and give it room to breathe by pairing it with simple pieces such as a white tee and navy chinos. Then, go for a classic zip-up pull over and let the fleece fabric work its magic in the cold.

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