Let’s Add Home Decor and Firewall Protection to Your Bucket List Now

Your home is your pride, and this is why you always want to choose the right material while decorating your home. Home decor can be expensive, so you must make your choices smartly, especially when it comes to choosing raw materials.

Changing these raw materials over a short period of time can cost you a lot. Thus, it is important to ensure that all the materials required for your home decor are of good quality, long-lasting, and resistant to certain factors.

Getting started with home decor

Some major points that you should keep in mind while decorating your space are:

  1. Style: Keep your interior stylish. Modernistic furniture has clean and sharp edges with sleek and metallic tones. This is a good option for urban homes with limited spaces and allows you to pack more in a limited space. It is also made sure that the space doesn’t look congested and all the designs are subtle.
  2. Colour: Using colour combinations and creating contrasts is an intelligent design trick. People today prefer neutral walls with bold and dark furniture. This is because you can use this approach to highlight different areas of your living space. If you want to highlight your wall, you need to go for darker and bolder shades for your wall and lighter furniture.

However, if you want to highlight your furniture, then you have to do the opposite of the above. You can give a different colour scheme to every room but make sure that all the shades complement each other.

  1. Multifunctional: Make sure that your furniture is functional. Maybe you can double up a desk to use it as a breakfast counter or get yourself a sofa bed instead of a plain sofa. It is better to avoid heavy and oversized items and go for lighter ones.
  2. Budget-friendly: Don’t just go around buying things and materials in a frenzy. Set a budget for yourself so that you don’t go overboard. First, think of a design and theme in your mind and buy the relevant things according to that. You can use plywood to make your furniture, like cupboards, countertops, shelves, TV panels, wall panels.

Why add CenturyPly Firewall Protection?

Among the many amazing features that CenturyPly offers, firewall protection is the most appealing. After all, who doesn’t fear fire accidents? So if your furniture can become resistant to fire and reduce the rate of fire spread, then why not go with CenturyPly? They ensure your safety.

The firewall technology of CenturyPly makes your plywood non-leachable and fire-resistant. It has low flammability, provides security and safety by delaying the spread of flame, and reduces the rate of burning. It absorbs little to no absorption and ensures structural integrity. This means that it is non-hygroscopic in nature.

The best thing about this technology is that it doesn’t affect or interfere with other features of CenturyPly. Thus, the plywood retains its other features, including borer and termite resistance, ViroKill technology, colour fastness, abrasion resistance, scuff resistance, scratch resistance, proper back sanding, moisture resistance, and boiling water resistance.

These plywood are a great choice for your homes and offices, especially your kitchens, where heat and fire are the most common. The CenturyPly plywood is designed in such a manner that they can handle high heat temperatures and don’t allow heat and fire to penetrate the surface.

Thus, once you remove the source of fire from the plywood, the fire extinguishes itself, and you don’t need to put effort into extinguishing them. This is the reason why the firewall technology from CenturyPly is a must-have for your homes and offices. You can prevent many huge accidents in this manner and save a lot of lives.


CenturyPly is one of the best fire retardant plywood suppliers. These plywood come with many great features, including water resistance, fire resistance, ViroKill technology, abrasion resistance, scuff resistance, colour fastness, and uniform thickness. This plywood is one of the best plywood options available in the market.

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