Know the Top Career Scope After BA in Journalism and Mass Communication

Know the Top Career Scope After BA in Journalism and Mass Communication

BAJMC or the Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and Mass Communication is a one-stop solution for students who want to excel in their skills in the field of mass media and journalism. It helps the students to research their ideas and concepts for journalism to become good media professionals. It’s one of the preferred options for those who like media, press releases, writing news, editing and crafting news cuttings, video journalists and radio jockeys, etc. 

All these things related to career opportunities after BAJMC are explained by College Vidya; one of the top educational consultants in the country. 

If Mass media and Journalism interest you in, then you should choose the BAJMC course. 

Check these points to know the career opportunities after this course:

Scope of BA (Journalism and Mass Communication) Course from a Reputed Institution

The degree of BA in Journalism and Mass Communication provides many career opportunities after completing the course. It covers various topics that help the students to create a perfect platform to grow with many job opportunities. Candidates for BA in Journalism and Mass Communication will learn the skills of journalism, news writing, news editing, and much more. 

Get a Job in Media Houses as a News Writer cum Editor

Candidates of BAJMC will learn various skills like how to write and edit news for the users. The news should be in general language so that everyone can easily understand it. The candidates of BAJMC are prepared for various opportunities and news writing and editing is one of them. There are many media horses that are in search of a good news editor cum writer who can easily handle the task of news content writer. It’s a professional job through which you can easily earn lots of money. 


It’s another job opportunity that the BA Degree in Journalism and Mass Communication provides to the candidate who has passed the course. The main task of news reports is to collect the latest news and data from various sources. The news should be factual in all forms. You will be provided relevant training related to handling various tasks on time. A reporter will also be provided training to take interviews, fetching contact, fact-checking and media briefing, etc. The news reports should know the various events and seminars to be organized and covered in real time. 


It’s another career scope that you can choose after completing the course of BAJMC. The main responsibility of a proofreader is to study the duplicate of the text or the news content fetched from various sources. They are used to detect possible errors and grammatical errors in the news written by the writer. 

Photo Journalists

It’s another important role in the field of Mass Communication and Journalism. The person who holds this position will be responsible to cover the briefings and any important event. He knows how to take good videos from an accurate angle because the clarity of the video matters the most as it sometimes decides the TRP of the channel. 

Apart from these tasks, the photojournalist used to set up his skills by presenting various images and videos to his media house for verification purposes. Also, read more: Reasons to Consider a Career in Mass Communication and Journalism

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