Importance of SEO in your business

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The impact of  SEO services on business has become very significant these days. Only with the help of search engine optimization can you get thousands of visits that will bring profit to your company. SEO is one of the most important in digital marketing. So just learn SEO news and use SEO trends to reach a great search result. Search engine optimization has long been a major source of income for some businesses. And it is with search engine optimization that work begins on the promotion of a site on the Internet.

In this article, we will tell you what SEO is and how search works, how to plan and organize SEO work and tell you about optimization algorithms and factors.

What is SEO?

Search engine optimization (SEO) is an attempt to influence the search engine and improve the position of a site by influencing factors in the “ranking equation”. The tool helps to achieve expansion and growth, while the same contextual advertising gives immediate results. But that is not all. There is Search Engine Reputation Management (SERM) – this is reputation management in search, that is, you not only promote your site but also bring up other sites with the content you need.

If we talk about budgets, then the context is 10 times larger, overtaking search engine optimization in terms of costs. Every year the dynamics is maintained, and the gap is widening.

How does the search work?

It is quite difficult, but the basic algorithms invented several years ago, do not change.

There are 5 main steps:

  •  Collection of all page addresses on the Internet.
  •  Downloading pages.
  •  Building a search index.
  •  Relevance calculation for each web page.
  •  Page ranking in search results.

The ranking is the placement of sites in the search results. The position of the site is roughly influenced by several factors at once. Internal (commercial, textual, technical), external (link), traffic, and behavioral factors (for example, returning people to the search with the same query). For a better understanding, it is worth considering that sites are ranked by relevance.

Relevance is the match between a query and a page. If your page matches the result more than your competitor’s site, then you will have a better position in the search. To correspond to the result more means to cover and solve all the user’s questions/problems at the stage of familiarizing the user with your page on which he got.

How to plan optimization or where to start SEO?

Each company that provides SEO services can offer a different approach to planning site optimization work, but in any case, all these works will somehow be on the list of work.

At the Digital Element, we plan SEO work in accordance with the following stages:

1. Analysis of current site statistics (site audit, project analytics);
2. Compilation of the semantic core of the site (a set of queries by which people come to the site);
3. Work with the structure (on the basis of the semantic core, the structure is processed);
4. Content analysis and work with texts (selection and definition of pages for promotion, preparation of technical specifications for texts, publication);
5. Technical optimization:
Availability for search engines;
Correct indexing;
Incorrect functioning of the site functionality.
6. External optimization (purchase and placement of links, work to increase the external link mass);
7. Analytics of results (calculation of achieved indicators).

For example:

  • A new service has appeared, you should collect requests and re-engage in the analysis and publication of texts, check whether this text, images, and other content is indexed correctly.
  •  We wanted to expand the semantic core. You should “finish” requests and re-analyze new requests, and then analyze how to adjust the content on the site.
  •  Analytics required. The implemented changes on the site do not bring growth, so you need to re-check whether everything is done correctly, which was not taken into account when finalizing the pages.

Optimization factors.

Optimization always starts from the semantic core. If we don’t know for what queries we want to see the site in the top, then our work will either be half effective or not effective at all.

How to collect requests:

  •  Put yourself in the place of the user;
  •  View the website of competitors;
  •  Analysis of search advertising;
  •  Ask a specialist in this subject;
  •  Interview consumers.


  •  Technical filtration and sorting;
  •  Grouping (clustering);
  •  Selecting a page for a group (or creating a page).

Everything starts with the internal optimization of the site, with the technical and content components. Much will depend on the quality of this work. If the internal processes are not going well, then there is no point in doing the rest. One of the important tasks here is text optimization.


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