How To Relieve Depression By Laughter Therapy?

How To Relieve Depression By Laughter Therapy?
How To Relieve Depression By Laughter Therapy?


The prolonged medical treatment develops drug resistance and affects your emotional sentiments. Many people feel emotionally weak and stressed out from the pharmacological treatment. Moreover, pharmacological interventions can also affect the mental health of the patients.

Therefore, it is essential these days to have a non-pharmacological intervention that helps to minimize emotional sentimental and reduces stress. In that case, laughter can trigger the endorphin hormone, which brings a sense of peace and well-being. Endorphins act as natural painkillers. It also helps reduce the anxiety and stress due to over-medication treatment.

This, in turn, naturally relaxes you and is even helpful in improving your mental health. Laughter therapy is one of the best non-pharmacologic approaches that increase the mood elevator and induce heart rate. This, in turn, reduces blood pressure and helps you live a healthier life.

Most health care sectors have adopted laughter therapy to improve their patient’s health. Besides this, it has become a crucial part of health care facilities. Many health care study sectors also included laughter therapy as a crucial part of the studies.

Students now looking for Nursing Assignment Help need to study laughter therapy courses. The laughing therapy creates a cheerful environment and builds a healthy environment. Moreover, it helps to deal with stress and helps patients recover faster.

Laughter Therapy Is an Intervention 

Laughter therapy is a part of the non-pharmacological interventions covering breathing exercises, superficial massage, music therapy, spiritual practices, and yoga. This is a universal approach that helps reduce anxiety and stress.

Since ancient times, this therapy has been in practice to improve physiological health and social relationships. Many studies show that the therapy has a long-lasting positive impact on the patient’s life. However, these days have been in practice as a treatment and preventive treatment.

Laughter can also be used for functional disability and as a clinical predictor. The low-frequency laughter therapy helps improve the mood and adjust the potential disability ratio. You may have seen doctors recommending laughter therapy to patients suffering from dangerous diseases and who need physical and emotional strength to recover from the disease.

Here are some more benefits of laughter therapy, which are as follows:

Laughter Therapy Releases Stress 

Laughter therapy releases stress and helps you build a great sense of humour. This helps cure various diseases and ailments. Moreover, it helps to mount a positive mindset to fight against the diseases in a better way. Good laughter can help stimulate the organs and enhance the supply of oxygen to the lungs. This, in turn, helps to lighten the load on the mind. It creates physical changes in the body, which give you the strength to fight against diseases.

Soothe the Tension 

Laughter has the power to improve blood circulation and relax your muscles. This is also helpful in reducing some physical stress symptoms and activating your hormones to elevate your mood. This, in turn, helps to cool down the level of stress and gives you the strength to deal with situations and diseases.

Improve Your Immune System

Negative thoughts block the mind and create a negative impact on the health of the person. Laughter therapy can improve the chemical reactions in the mind, decreasing stress and building immunity in you. With positive thoughts and laughter therapy, a person can improve the immune system, which helps fight stress and serious illness issues.

Laughter therapy helps relieve the pain and acts as a natural painkiller. This helps increase the satisfaction rate and life up to your mood.

Deal With Depression

Laughing therapy is a great way to improve the mood of someone. This gives you the strength to fight depression and chronic illness. Several types of research show that the patient undergoing chemotherapies gets relief from the pain through laugh therapy. The therapy automatically makes you happier and builds a great sense of humour.

To laugh, you don’t need anything special. You can use any funny video, comic book, or social media to start your laughing therapy. Moreover, you can join groups and practice therapy.

It helps to improve the blood flow and brings a lot of oxygen to the lungs. You can also combine yoga sessions and laughing therapy to get relief faster and soon turn into spontaneous laughter. In addition to this, you can share laughter, act funny and share jokes to initiate therapy.

Bottom Line 

Laughter therapy is the best medicine to cure half of the health problems. It gives you strength and develops stamina to fight against deadly diseases. So, try to practice it every day to fill you with positive energy and natural wonder. It keeps you relaxed and improves blood circulation, which is helpful to keep your organs functioning and allows you to fight diseases.

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