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How to open a Barber Shop Business Plan

barber shop

Why do you need a men’s barber shop?

A well-groomed appearance gives advantages and self-confidence to any article. Therefore, men’s hair, mustache and beard care are in demand. At the same time, this niche in the USA is not overcrowded: the number of potential customers is growing, and they have appeared even in small cities. Conclusion: trying yourself in such a business as opening a barber shop business plan is worth it.

Both service and atmosphere are important to men. And a comfortable establishment, where they will tidy up, offer coffee (or something stronger) and support the conversation, attracts attention. And the entrance to this special place only for M is something like a club for the chosen ones.

As you can see, there are prospects for development. But business success depends only on you.

How to open a Barber Shop Business Plan

How to open a Barber Shop Business Plan, or rather where to start? From the business plan! For the investment to pay off, think over the plan and include the following points in it:

  • name;
  • target audience;
  • hall rental;
  • repair, design;
  • equipment and consumables;
  • personnel;
  • registration of the enterprise and taxes;
  • permit documents;
  • advertising/promotion;
  • costs;
  • payback;
  • force majeure.

And now in more detail.

Original name

The name of the Barber Shop Business Plan distinguishes you from the competition. This is the first brick in the foundation of a personal brand. The name of your hair salon must meet the following criteria:

  • Easy.
  • Short.
  • It is remembered.
  • The ideal name reflects the institution’s theme and style and evokes the right associations. It should enter the Barber Shop Business Plan. Brainstorming, competitor name analysis, and freewriting will help in the search.

Who are you opening a Barber Shop Business Plan for the target audience?

  • The main target audience of Barber Shop Business Plans are men aged 25-40. Also, these are young people from 18 and well-groomed men 40+. A quality composition includes:
  • students and graduates;
  • employees of enterprises with a dress code;
  • public men (music, TV, cinema, theater);
  • Men are wearing mustaches and beards.
  • The center of Barber Shop Business Plans is richer in large cities and towns close to regional centers and the capital. Your classic visitor is conservative, focuses on the quality of service and places the atmosphere. The income level is average to above average.

Requirements for the Barber Shop Business Plan hall

  • Consider the location of the future barber shop. To open a Barber Shop Business Plan, choose a busy, passable place where you won’t have to look for it – near a shopping complex, entertainment or business center, metro station, or transport interchange. Explore the location of other hair salons:
  • How many barber shops are in the area?
  • How far are the competitors from you?
  • The area will be required from 50 square meters. Meters Critically evaluate the height of the ceilings and the evenness of the walls, windows and light that can penetrate the room, plumbing, communications, and repairs at the time of removal. These moments form the rent. Enter it in the business plan to calculate the cost of opening a Barber Shop Business Plan.

Repair and design a Barber Shop Business Plan from scratch

  • Think in advance about the interior concept and the meaningful center of the interior.
  • The design of the Barber Shop Business Plan begins with the sign and the entrance door. The sign is your face. Include an interior designer in the budget.
  • The following styles are suitable for a men’s salon:
  • Loft
  • Gothic
  • A classic
  • Minimalism
  • High tech
  • Industrial
  • Vintage
  • Also, the design of Barber Shop Business Plans allows for a high-quality eclecticism of styles.
  • A successful interior of a men’s Barber Shop Business Plan combines aesthetics, functionality, space and ease of cleaning.

Equipment and materials for a Barber Shop Business Plan

  • To begin with, the cost of opening a Barber Shop Business Plan includes 2 equipped barber places. Order:
  • a pair of chairs;
  • two mirrors;
  • shelves for tools;
  • a pair of movable shelves for consumables;
  • trash can;
  • sink + chair;
  • hair dryer;
  • laundry basket;
  • UV sterilizers.
  • Buy a manicure/pedicure chair. Set aside a separate area for him in the Barber Shop Business Plan hall. Place a locker/shelf, sterilizer, table, chair, and armchair.
  • The price will also include costs for the administrator’s reception, a chair, a hanger, cosmetic lockers (to be sold to Care of funds), a sofa for waiting, and a TV. Your team needs a kitchen area with tables, chairs, a washing machine for towels, a microwave oven, a kettle, and a refrigerator.
  • Allocate a budget for Barber tools and uniforms, cosmetics (paint, conditioners and shampoos, beard and mustache wax), capes for Barber Shop Business Plan visitors, towels, and napkins. Do not forget about the equipment – a modem, safe, several laptops and work phones.

Staff – who and where to look for

  • The quality of the service forms an impression about you. Opening a Barber Shop
  • Business Plan is worth it, but saving on the level of personnel is not. Choose a professional staff.
  • The level of the Barber reflects the amount of experience and the number of skills. Before hiring, test candidates with a trial service. Also important is the image corresponding to the profession and a person’s ability to communicate to create affection for oneself. First of all, your hairdressers should find a common language with you.
  • Look for specialists to work in a Barber Shop Business Plan in HR agencies and social media. Networks and thematic communities, on resources work.ua, rabota.ua, etc., on Barber courses. Also useful:
  • Invite a professional barber from a big city;
  • Independently take courses in barbering;
  • Organize training in your team.
  • Hire an accountant, 2 administrators for shift work, and a cleaner in the Barber Shop Business Plan. To save, do it gradually.

How to open a Barber Shop Business Plan: other documents for work

Before opening the salon, you will also receive permission from the services:

  • Fire Security. Make a plan about such safety equipment for the Barber Shop Business Plan, train employees, and place signs with the fire department’s phone number. State agencies of fire supervision issue the permit document.
  • Opening a beauty industry business. Apply for a written permit at the SES of your district. It’s easy if the hairdressing salon complies with sanitary standards and no planning changes are required.
  • Protection of consumer rights, an inspection of labor protection, tax, etc. These instances monitor the activities of the Barber Shop Business Plan, so resolve organizational nuances promptly.

Advertise the Barber Shop Business Plan in different ways

  • How to open a Barber Shop Business Plan from scratch so that the business pays off? Online and offline promotions for you! Start with the opening announcement, do not reduce the revolutions after the start. Will help:
  • Barber Shop Business Plan pages on social. Networks – FB, INSTA, etc. Create useful content
  • that lures consumers to your establishment. Talk about the benefits of the procedures, post “before and after” galleries, and shoot videos about Barber’s work.
  • Add a page containing the salon (service, price, employees, work schedule, contacts, promotions), track attendance, and register in Google My Business.
  • Hire an SEO specialist to promote your website.
  • Set up Google Ads.
  • Apply for Barber Shop Business Plans where appropriate – sports clubs, spa salons, men’s clothing stores, hookah bars, pubs, etc. Add your business cards and flyers to the reception counters.
  • A large window and a well-lit hall will give a picture of the salon from the inside, show the work process, and entice you to enter.
  • Those placed under car wipers attract more attention.
  • Lit up among bloggers. For this purpose, choose those whose audience is similar to yours.

How much money is needed to open a Barber Shop Business Plan

  • The cost table answers the question of how much it costs to open a Barber Shop Business Plan. It includes the costs of starting and maintaining the case.
  • Opening costs:
  • Premises (renovation, design): $50,000 / 1,450,000 $
  • Furniture, equipment, appliances: $20,000 / 600,000 $
  • Materials: $3,000 / 90,000 $
  • Advertising: $1,000 / 30,000 $
  • Support costs:
  • Rent: $1,000 / 30,000 $
  • Barbers (30-50% of each order): $1,000 / 30,000 $
  • Utilities: $300 / 9,000 $
  • Taxes: $300 / 9,000 $
  • Accountant: $50 / 1 500 $
  • Website: 400 $ / 12,000 $
  • Administrators: 400 $ / 12,000 $
  • Management automation software (CRM system): 50 $ / 1,500 $
  • Cleaning: 50 $ / 1,500 $
  • Materials: 50 $ / 1,500 $

Calculate the payback:

  • Write a complete list of maintenance activities;
  • Make a Barber Shop Business Plan price, taking into account consumables, salaries, etc.;
  • Write down the implementation plan – how many / what services you plan to sell in a period (6 or 9-12 months) to get to +. Then, compare it to the actual information;
  • calculation of salon profitability: formula of profit in
  • percentage – net profit/revenue * 100%;
  • The investment payback period is when income will cover investment costs and turn into profit.
  • Keep detailed financial records in the Barber Shop Business Plan: salary, consumables, deductions, etc.

Consider the risks

  • Any business faces an unforeseen economic crisis, currency fluctuations, accidents at the enterprise or, as in 2019-2020, a pandemic. Barber Shop Business Plan is no exception.
  • COVID-19 forced hairdressers to work in a special mode – a limited number of customers, social distancing, mask mode, disinfection, add. Instrument sterilization.
  • Prepare a crisis action plan to get the most out of the restrictions. Article options:
  • Improvement of representation in society. networks
  • Online activities for Barber Shop Business Plan subscribers.
  • Service improvement measures.
  • New services are available in restricted mode.
  • Optimization of commodity values.
  • Training of employees.
  • To make the plan work, prepare a financial cushion for it.

For more information visit https://www.mbplans.com/


A unique trade offer of your Barber Shop Business Plan

  • How will you beat the competition? Why should you choose your hairdresser?
  • The basic service is the same in all Barber Shop Business Plans: haircut/hair coloring, beard/mustache/eyebrow styling, shaving, manicure. Come up with your chip – a special service or bonus.


  • promotions, a special price list for different categories of Barber Shop Business Plan visitors (for example, students);
  • standard service + massage, cosmetology procedures, image consultation;
  • Coffee and minibar (the latter is a tradition in American Barber Shop Business Plans);
  • Barber’s creative uniform, carefully curated playlist, instant lottery to win a discount – turn on your imagination.

A loyal client base is a guarantee of stability

  • A backbone of regular customers who visit the Barber Shop Business Plan 1-2 times a month keeps such a business afloat. Focus on those who visit you regularly.
  • Service and customer focus are at the top of the list. Increase loyalty:
  • Conduct social networks with a priority to attract CA. Make useful content.
  • Offer promotions, including with the help of network and site pages.
  • Enter a bonus system in the Barber Shop Business Plan, and consider service subscriptions. Start with a simple one – accumulating points for visiting the salon, a discount from a certain amount.
  • Create loyalty cards, and incentivize bringing friends by offering discounts.
  • When introducing a new service, offer a discount to regular visitors.
  • Give your guests a sense of special status.

Is it profitable to open a Barber Shop Business Plan in the USA

The profitability was analyzed, and the risks were taken into account. Now evaluate the option of opening a franchise Barber Shop Business Plan. It is more difficult to start a business in a small town, so a franchise is a safe alternative.

Advantages: ​​

  • insurance + payback guarantee;
  • ready-made Barber Shop Business Plan project, step-by-step strategy;
  • The investment is less than in the case of independent opening;
  • You buy a name that is trusted;
  • You get a database of suppliers, a discount system for equipment and consumables;
  • assistance in advertising and personnel selection;
  • Help with rent;
  • Support of the parent company.
  • A franchise is not a magic pill but a quick start and high guarantees of success.

Optimizing work, increasing profitability

  • Allocate a budget for an advertising specialist. The best institution in the universe without competent promotion is doomed.
  • Implement a CRM system for a Barber Shop Business Plan. Accounting automation will simplify and speed up work, reduce the number of errors, improve service quality and increase profitability.
  • Allocate the budget to emphasize and increase comfort. Update the minibar menu, invest in a coffee machine, and buy a game console.
  • Regularly deduct % in the financial cushion in case of force majeure.
  • Increase the level and qualification of Barber Shop Business Plan employees. Follow the news of the Barber business. Share experiences with colleagues. Attend thematic exhibitions, conferences, and training. Conduct training for the team.

Should you open a Barber Shop Business Plan?

The business of Barber Shop Business Plans is designed for visitors with an average and high level of income. At the same time, it is possible to enter a niche with small initial capital. The market sector is not exhausted; it has prospects. The ideas of original chips for a men’s Barber Shop Business Plan have not yet been fully implemented. Therefore, the answer to whether it is worth it is an unequivocal “yes.” You will succeed if you have courage, enthusiasm, imagination, and perseverance. Dare!

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