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How To Install A High-Quality Flexible RCM Y-wall Building Boards

RCM Y-wall is an extremely versatile calcium silicate cement-based building board that is ideal for use as fire-rated sheathing boards. It has excellent fire resistance and excellent levels of rigidity; Y-wall is an ideal board to use in many different applications.

The Rcm Y Wall is mostly used for fire-rated sheathing boards as well as a building panel. It is extensively used on timber frame and steel frame structures; Y wall is utilised behind all kinds of facade solutions and also in ceilings that provide an inert classification.

RCM is pleased to announce that they have received BBA 14/5109 technical approval to external sheathing boards for Y-walls.

RCM is a leading UK manufacturer of facades and building boards and a wide range of products that covers all types of applications RCM recognize the importance of offering high-quality approved products that have been thoroughly tested to meet the needs of a highly competitive construction industry.

The Y-wall is a calcium silicate-base fibre cement building board providing excellent fire resistance and the highest levels of dimensional stability even in harsh conditions.

Y-wall is primarily use for external sheathing or fire-rate building boards. Widely use on timber and steel frame structures, the product can be utilise behind all kinds of facades and roofing and floors, offering the non-combustible class.

Y-walls can be, and then drill, providing a variety of the features need from frame or cladding builders.

Fire Protection Solutions That Can Protect Your Home Or Building

Structural fire protection is accomplish via what’s known as “passive protection” for example line boards that are fire resistant and/or active protection through smoke ventilation and alarm systems as well as sprinklers.

For structural engineers the choice of the material use in the structural solution will impact the active and passive strategy for fire protection.

The Testing Of Products And Certification

Y-Walls are test according against BS 476 Part 4.

Y-Wall complies with the BS EN12467

Y-Walls tested in Warrington Fire research

Fire-rated through wall solution for BS 476 Part 21 BS 476 part 22

Fire Rating A1 Non-Combustible Classification

CE Marking

To show the fact that we as a business RCM is completely commit to delivering reliable products, our range of products includes products that are CE Mark. CE Marking ensures a product is compliant with European safety, health and environmental protection laws.

It is a declaration by the manufacturer that the product is in compliance with strict standards and assures that it is in compliance with the most important specifications, such as the dimensions of the product, its thermal performance, and reaction to the fire classification.

Webersil Tf is also BBA certifie. It is a complete technical approval for building products as well as systems. It is also recognise by building control authorities, government departments as well as local authorities, architects as well as specifiers and insurance companies for buildings.

BBA Approval provides reassurance to contractors, architects, and designers when they design or install the building products.

Multipurpose TF – Tried and Tried for Timber Applications

The test was conduct through BRE Global; our new Multipurpose TF Board has be specifically design to meet the needs of the timber industry for structural use. With BBA Certification in the process our A1 non-combustible multipurpose TF made of cellulose fibre cement, 8mm board.

Tests of the Product and Certification

Complies with EN ISO 1716: 20101 Reaction to fire determination of the temperature of combustion

Complies with EN ISO 1182: 2010 Reaction to fire non-combustibility

Meets EN 13501-1: 2007 Classification of Reactions to fire A1 Non-combustible

BBA Certification Pending

EN594 Resistance to Racking

RCM’s Y Wall was chose in a joint application between Bouygues as well as U-Living to submit an application for the project of student accommodation for Hertfordshire’s University of Hertfordshire.

Key applications

Sheathing boards on wood frame and metal.

OEM Application where enhance densities and strengths are require.

Flooring that is fire-rate and roofing.

Walling that is fire-rate.


A classification that is non-combustible A1.

Great water-resistant properties.

Strong and flexible.

RCM’s tiniest sheathing board that has improved functionality.

Outstanding water-resistance properties.

One hour load bearing fire protection.

Strong and high impact.

The timber-frame constructions are expect to be among the most innovative advancements within the UK in regards to sustainability. The PS 190 million, 18,000m2 project includes 2,511 bedrooms, brand new athletic fields as well as a gym for the campus.

Y-Wall was chose because of its fire-resistant capability and its superior levels of structural stability. The new buildings are expect to attain a “True Zero Carbon” accreditation and also meet BREEAM Outstanding requirements under the regulations of 2011.

Check out the solutions for fire protection and the brands that will help protect your home

Thermal Insulation 

Thermal insulation can be use as an option to protect the residential and commercial areas from the risk of fire.

Products such as Rockwool System can be use to create a penetration seal or a linear joint seals, which ensure it is that the seals the structure, protecting it from fire-relate injuries. These products are to protect structures against fires.

The Sheffield insulation firm offers a variety of options to choose from to thermally insulate your home. They also have a team of experts to assist you in finding the most efficient thermal insulation that meet your requirements.

Coated Batts

Mulcol Multimastic FB1

It is important to note that the Multi Mastic FB1 and Multimastic FB2 are from rock wool that has greater density. These fire boards can also be coat by applying Multimastic C coating on either one or both fire board’s sides.

Both of them can limit and stop the flame and also create an atmosphere of smoke and zones of protection from fire to rooms which are connect.

Rockwool Ablative Batts With Coated 50mm And 60mm

The Rockwool Ablative Coat Batts provide fire protection options for floors and walls. The Batts are available in two sizes: 50mm and 60mm batts which are able to seal the spaces.

Coated Batt is an insulation from mineral wool. It is coat both sides with a high-performance ablative coat. The coat batts with ablative coating can easily be to shape and size according to your requirements.

But the cuts that you create to batts must be limit to a minimal amount. You can achieve great fire resistance from just a single thickness of batt. Tests have shown that coated batts can provide up to two hours of protection against fire.

Collars And Compounds

Collars are fire-proof solutions that allow you to protect the pipework’s pipework holes with plastic to protect them from flames. Pipe Collars, such as those made by Rockwool Firepro Pipe Collar provide an effective means to prevent the flame from moving through the pipework.

Their carl weber painting can also provide up to four hours of protection from fire in the event of an accident. Compounds are the barrier that stops the fire from exiting through the openings by sealing the openings.

Cavity Barrier

These are specially create to prevent flame from entering the structure by creating cavities that stop fires from entering the structures. Rockwool SP Firestop Fixing Brackets allows lateral compression of the buildings, which allows for sealing between the building substrates.


Discs such as discs like the Mulcol Multi Disc are simple solutions to protect against fire. They are tiny, self-adhesive disks that can be position around smaller holes. They’re CE-certified, and don’t require additional cost for installation and they are reusable.

Sheathing Boards

The sheathing boards are items like the RCM-Y Walls that offer fire-resistant partitions for structures. They are lightweight steel and timber-framed boards which find use as exterior sheathing.

Fire Barrier

The weber sil paint solutions are offered in the form of barrier system angle supports and barrier slabs that stop the spread of fire into the hidden building spaces. The Rockwool TCB cavity barriers provide an airborne sound reduction, and can also be use to seal spaces.



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