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How to Hang a Big Round Mirror

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These round hanging mirrors have a lot of art and style. These mirrors can be made with different materials, some even have patterns printed to enhance their elegance and make them look great in your home. Mirrors can be made with either a solid wood frame or a backwood plate. You can also find frameless round mirrors that will fit on a blank wall. There are many ways to revamp your home such as Declutter and Organise, Add Greenery For a Natural Revamp, Add stylish wall mirrors, Update Frames and Wall Hangings etc.

Here are detailed instructions on how to install them correctly.

1st METHOD (for round mirrored with solid wood frames)

A big round mirror, framed in solid wood, can be mounted with a metal hook. They are easy to hang.

You will need to place your mirror exactly where you want it to be. Mark the top centre of the mirror and make a hole.

Make a hole in the wood frame so that the metal hook can be placed in the same place. Then, screw the hook to the wall and hang your round mirror.

2nd METHOD (for round mirrored with wood backplates)

This is a great method because there is no space between the mirror and the wall after hanging it. Two special metal plates are required. One is to attach to the backplate on a round mirror and the other to a wall.

Mark the centre of your wood backplate on the wall. Take a measurement from the centre of the wood backplate to this point, and mark your metal hook. Hang your mirror on your metal hooks.

This hanging method allows round mirrors to be easily attached to walls.


  • Make sure your photo hanging kit can hold at least 30 kilograms when you buy it.
  • Attach the metal hook to your mirror frame. The kit comes with either regular or eye screws that you can use to attach the metal hook to the frame of your mirror. Before hanging your mirror, make sure the hook is strong enough to support its weight.
  • Molly screws are required to hang your mirror on a thick wall.

3rd METHOD (for frameless circular mirrors)

You have two options. It can be hung using glue or clips.

Using glue:

Special metal plates are required for this method. The back of the glass mirror is glued with four metal plates. Two metal hooks are placed on a wall. This will create a 15 mm gap between the mirror and the wall.

Special glue is required for wall mirrors if you don’t want to leave a gap between the wall and the mirror. In this instance, you apply glue to the back of a mirror and stick it to a wall using no metal plates or hooks. This will require you to be careful as you need to wait for the glue to dry.

Using Clips

Take measurements of your mirror. Measure your mirror. To support the mirror, attach your clips approximately six inches from each edge.

  • If they aren’t screwed, first fix the lower clips. If you have the spring clips, you can attach them simultaneously. To protect your makeup mirror, place foam bumpers at least six inches from the edge.
  • Place the mirror in both the central and lower clips. Attach the spring clips or screw the upper clips to the makeup mirror.

Take a break from everything and hang your mirror to admire your work.

The most important things to buy

While working, there are three things you should keep in mind. A quality D-Ring mirror holder is the first. You want a high-quality product that won’t bend easily.

The second is the hanging hook. Make sure you buy the right hook for your big round mirror frame.

Finally, you can get molly bolts and hollow wall plugs. You can find them in many sizes. These products can be purchased in a variety of sizes.



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