How to Choose the Best VoIP App for Business

If you’re a small business owner or just looking for a better way to handle business calls, you may want to try a VoIP service providers app. There are a ton of great options available, so how do you choose the best one? Read on to find out more. This article will discuss RingCentral Office, Line2, Freshcaller, 8×8 Work, and iCloud Office. Once you’ve decided on which one to use, there are a few things you should keep in mind.

RingCentral Office

If you’re looking for a reliable VoIP app for your small business, RingCentral is the solution for you. The service requires no complicated wiring or expensive hardware. With RingCentral, you can assign each employee their own phone number and set up virtual extensions. Moreover, you can access your office phone system from any computer with an Internet connection. It’s also easy to set up mobile users. The RingCentral MVP plan includes a one-hour professional implementation session.

The RingCentral administration portal simplifies advanced tasks with intuitive fields and step-by-step instructions. You can even set up multilevel attendants and create multiple call groups. There’s also a RingCentral university, which offers tutorials for all kinds of problems. Besides, RingCentral has dozens of great features, including VoIP, messaging, and video meetings. Whether you’re in need of a basic service or want to upgrade to the Premium plan, RingCentral has something for you.


One of the most impressive features of Line2 is its call reporting. The call reporting feature gives users the ability to see important tracking metrics and study call logs. These reports are valuable for improving customer service. For example, they can help you identify missed calls and figure out ways to better handle them. Additionally, this app lets users send unlimited texts and MMS messages. Ultimately, Line2 is the best voip app for business.

If you’re looking for a free voip app for business, try Line2. This VoIP service offers unlimited calling, unlimited texting, and team texts. You can also use Line2 on desktops and mobile devices. Another great feature is its ability to fax. Line2 offers a toll-free number and allows you to transcribe voicemails. The basic reporting feature shows call usage by extension and number and is customizable by date range. However, it’s more than enough for most users.


With a straightforward onboarding process and an intuitive dashboard, Freshcaller is the best voip app to use for your business. You can even start monitoring calls the same day you sign up. Its pricing model is simple, too – you can choose between five tiers. And because Freshcaller is designed to grow with your business, you won’t have to spend hours on research before you choose a plan.

In addition to being a cloud-based VoIP solution, Freshcaller also offers an extensive suite of digital tools, including an integrated e-commerce system. It promises no hardware, downloads, or maintenance fees. As part of the Freshworks ecosystem, Freshcaller integrates with a variety of business applications, including CRM and e-commerce. Freshcaller is a fantastic choice for businesses looking to improve their customer service.

8×8 Work

The 8×8 Work voip app gives you the flexibility to switch between phone calls and instant messaging. Its features include lower costs, global capabilities, call recording, and directory assistance. Additionally, the app can be used with business apps and integrate with your existing phone system, making it easy to operate from multiple locations. In addition, you can change the language of your calls to support your needs in different time zones and languages. You’ll also be glad to know that this VoIP app is compatible with macOS, iOS, and Android.

The 8×8 Work app also comes with a mobile version. It allows you to bring your softphone, video conferencing, and instant messaging with you anywhere. The app also allows you to change your status, and pulls your phone contacts for you automatically. You can also set up work-specific and personal lists to organize your contacts. In addition, it offers an auto attendant feature. You can set up a business hours and welcome new users with ease with the 8×8 Work app.


The Grasshopper app is an intuitive phone program that allows you to separate personal and business calls. It also alerts you when you receive an incoming text message. This feature eliminates embarrassing mishaps and casual greetings. This app is designed for small business owners who need a simple and convenient way to handle calls. In addition to its ease of use, Grasshopper also offers customer care services to help you with any issues.

For small businesses, Grasshopper is the best voiP app for business because of its extensive features. For example, it enables franchise owners to use international extensions, which can be useful for providing details of business hours, and answering customer questions. Similarly, it can be useful for small businesses that have local locations, as local numbers allow franchise owners to connect with the public in their area and make them feel like a local business.

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