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How to choose the best electric wheelchair: Important Factors

How to choose the best electric wheelchair
How to choose the best electric wheelchair

The choice of an electric wheelchair is a crucial decision for people with disabilities. With the many differences in style, size, and weight, it can be challenging to know which electric wheelchair best suits a person’s needs. 

Some things to consider when buying an electric wheelchair are the person’s height, weight, and ability to lift; the seat size and armrests; and the terrain they will be traveling on.

Let’s discuss how to choose the best electric wheelchair.

How to choose the best electric wheelchair?

There are some critical factors that you should consider while selecting an Electric Wheelchair, as well as the cost of an Electric Wheelchair. We will discuss all these points one by one.

Size: How to select the perfect size wheelchair?

Electric wheelchairs come in three different sizes. 

Standard or large wheelchairs offer a universal fit. A small electric wheelchair is designed for children or adolescents. Super-size wheelchairs provide a larger capacity and are usually longer than standard wheelchairs.

Small: Designed for children, they typically weigh between 20-45 pounds.

Standard: Designed for adults, they typically weigh between 90-150 pounds.

Super-size: Designed for people weighing over 150 pounds or standing over 5 feet, they typically weigh between 200-250 pounds.

Larger wheelchairs offer more stability and may be suitable for people who are confined to their homes. They require less physical exertion than smaller wheelchairs, which can be used for longer periods.

Most standard or large wheelchairs can accommodate a power or manual brake system that stops the chair from moving when not in use. This allows you to use different braking methods depending on the terrain and your activity.

Price: How to choose the best power wheelchair in your budget?

The cost of power wheelchairs can vary from $1,500 to $25,000. The price can depend on the type of power chair you buy and its features. 

For example, if you want to buy an off-road power chair with a higher weight capacity and more durable wheels, then it will be more expensive than a standard model.

You should never forget that the cost of these devices is just one factor, and there are other considerations, too, like your budget and physical needs.

While looking for wheelchairs, first, you need to check the price tag and available features and compare them with your budget. If you need more parts, then you would need to have a high budget. 

Brand: What are famous Power Wheelchair Brands?

Some popular power wheelchair brands are Gilani Engineering, Air Hawk, Falcon, and Pride. These companies offer a variety of power wheelchairs for different needs and budgets. 

Gilani Engineering offers the most popular power wheelchairs in the market. They make both manual and electric wheelchairs. They have all kinds of models, including lightweight models for outdoor use, heavier models for indoor use, and modular chairs that can be adjusted to fit different needs.

The Air Hawk line of power wheelchairs is also trendy in the market, with many affordable options available on the market. 

The Falcon brand offers a variety of options as well, with some being high-end luxury chairs while others being budget-friendly options that will do just fine for everyday use.

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