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How Do I Transfer Outlook From Mac To Windows?

Import OLM to Outlook

Are you also looking for a solution to transfer Outlook from Mac to Windows? If this is the case, read this informative guide to find the best solution to it.

Outlook is one of the most used email clients worldwide. Outlook. You can use Outlook on Mac or Windows. Both platforms are similar to each other, however, the difference comes between their file format for storing their mailbox data. On Mac, Outlook stores its mailbox data in an OLM file while PST contains mailbox data in Windows Outlook. If you want to export Outlook from Mac to Windows, you need to convert the OLM file to an Outlook-compatible file format.

Reason To Export Outlook From Mac To Windows

  • When you receive an OLM file from a customer and want to access it through their account.
  • When a user wants to migrate from Mac to Windows but still wants to use Outlook on Windows.
  • If you want to show updates or projects to the organization.
  • When the user needs temporary access to Windows at home/office.

Since our technical support received many similar requests lately, I also searched the internet for an official solution. But I won’t have any success, but I’ve tried some manual solutions. They are very tedious and usually result in data loss. So I neglected them and discussed developing a reliable solution at an affordable price with our technical expertise. After much back and forth, they finally got the solution that they offered as an OLM to PST converter.

How To Transfer Outlook From Mac To Windows?

If you are an Internet user, you must know that there are many applications on the Internet.  But most are not functional and others do not live up to your expectations. So, we recommend you go for Bitrecover OLM Converter, which is the fastest and flawless solution to convert unlimited OLM files without any hassles. This tool is specially coded with a strong algorithm to get accurate output without data loss.

  • Install and open software on your Windows computer.
  • Click on the OLM file you want to transfer and input it into the software interface.
  • From the multiple options to choose how to save, tap on the PST option.
  • Finally, browse the desired output destination and then click “Convert” to get the output immediately.

Why Does Professional Software Always Make The Best Decision?

  • This software kept the mailbox data structure the same as before the conversion. 
  • It also offers a filtering feature that simplifies the process and is also useful for avoiding unwanted data.
  • You can easily operate this software without acquiring any advanced technical skills.
  • There is no requirement to download other software to complete this process.

Final Verdict

In this description, we have shared almost all the essential information required to transfer Outlook from Mac to Windows. We also discussed the basic overview and the reasons for these problems. Now anyone can easily export Outlook from Mac to Windows by following the given instructions and using a professional solution. If you have any doubts, please contact our technical support team for a prompt solution.

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