How big is the E-cigarette market in the UK?

Man smoking with a blue vape.

E-cigarettes have become popular and widely consumed across the globe. It is more common to have a vape rather than a traditional cigarette. As E-cigarettes are introduced as a better alternative to traditional forms of cigarettes, they are more accepted and adopted.

Though vape devices are modern and easily perceivable, still there’s history associated with them that must be understood. The Puff bars are invented with the preliminary innovation in cigarettes followed by making the earliest e-cigarettes.

So before discussing their value in the market and to what extent these are consumed in the UK? Let’s look into a bit of detail about their background.

Background of E-cigarettes:

The first e-cigarettes innovation was developed in 2003 by the Chinese pharmacist Hon Lik, a former deputy director of the Institute of Chinese Medicine in Liaoning Province.  Lik was a chain smoker, whose father died of lung cancer.

This incident caused him, to realise the need for a cigarette, “a tobacco-free cigarette” that involved alternating burning tobacco and paper with heated, moist, and flavoured air. Chinese inventor Hon Lik created his e-cigarette in 2003 then modern vaping was born.

The earliest e-cigarette history can be found by looking at the contribution of American Herbert A. Gilbert, who in 1963 applied for a patent for “a smokeless non-tobacco cigarette”.

After the success in the Chinese market and soon began to be inaugurated in other countries, with the first E-cigarettes being introduced in the UK in 2005 and then into the American market in 2007.

In 2005, when the E-cigarettes were introduced in the UK market in early years these weren’t as popular as they are now in recent times. Unlike early e-cigarettes, disposable vapes like Elf bar 600 and Elf bar lost mary are modernised and are consumed by the masses.

Take of NHS on E-cigarettes:

NHS insists that E-cigarettes, including disposable vapes as well as re-usable vapes, are 95% safer than traditional cigarettes. According to National Health Service, around 2.5 million adults in England use e-cigarettes, and the devices have assisted thousands of people in quitting smoking.

Thousands of people in the United Kingdom have already abandoned smoking with an e-cigarette. There is a piece of evidence that they work. You can control your nicotine cravings by using an e-cigarette. Ensure that you’re utilising it as much as you require and with the accurate nicotine strength in your e-juice to get the most out of it.

People who used e-cigarettes to stop smoking were twice as likely to become successful as people who used conventional nicotine replacement products, such as patches or gum, when examined with expert support, according to a major UK clinical trial published in 2019.

Statistics of E-cigarettes in the UK Market:

The UK is one of the countries where vaping is more prevalent than any other country worldwide. Since the UK is among the nations where vaping has its roots and has the most consumers. There are 3.6 million vapers in the United Kingdom, which is a huge number. The is continuously increasing and will be getting higher in upcoming years.

The statistics of using vapes show that users love to use disposable vapes over reusable vapes. The highest number of vapers was recorded in 2021 with the 3.6 million vapers which have produced 3.4 billion dollars in revenue in the e-cigarettes sector in the UK market. The revenue generated in this industry is estimated to rise to almost 4.2 billion dollars by 2025.

Furthermore, the number of vapers in 2020, is also comparable which 3.3 billion consumers across the UK. The disposable vapes are more consumed than the reusable vapes as those require less maintenance.


Using E-cigarettes instead of traditional ones has been trending and prevailing all over the country. This is because E-cigarettes have been introduced as the best alternative to cigarettes. This is the reality and there is a growing body of evidence that E-cigarettes really are the best possible replacement. Comparing the popularity of disposable vapes and reusable vapes shows a clear image of disposable vapes as the most used vape.

Since the statistics show that the obsession with these is getting higher and consumers are increasing across the United kingdom. It involves both disposables vapes as well as re-usable vapes users. This resulted in a tremendous increment in the revenue in the sector of E-cigarettes in the country’s market.

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