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Essential Tips You Should Check Before Writing a Dissertation

A dissertation holds immense importance in your academic life. An outstanding dissertation is bound to open doors to a better career.

Before you start writing such an important document there are a few things that you need to make sure of beforehand so you may not regret it later. To find out important tips you should check before writing a dissertation continue reading this post:

Essential Tips to Check before Writing a Dissertation

Pressure Management:

Writing a dissertation is no easy task. It will take you to do extensive research and wide knowledge of your field of study, this means that it is inevitable to eliminate work pressure is to some extent. There are some students who even failed to finish their requirements most importantly because they procrastinated or took too much stress. Therefore make sure that you are prepared to deal with work pressure following these ways:

  • Having an unblemished mind before writing
  • Proper Research
  • A dissertation proposal that holds relevancy to your field of study
  • Time management skills including writing your dissertation at a fixed time of the day
  • Take assistance from your trusted colleagues or some buy dissertation help

The dissertation may be a tough task but you have worked hard all these years and if you fail in writing a good dissertation all that effort will go to waste.

Set Goals:

The next tip you need to check before writing your dissertation is if you have set any goals for writing your dissertation or not. These goals need to be set before you actually start writing your dissertation. To set goals, you first need to plan out the dissertation in terms of time management. Through time management you will proceed in an organized fashion which will eventually help you achieve the desired goal in time (Helpwithdissertation, 2021).

Divide dissertation chapters into smaller tasks, opposite to it write the time as well as the dates on which you will complete it. Add break slots as well and make sure to stick by the schedule. If you start early than usual then you can afford to spend some time procrastinating. Although it is not encouraged since procrastination is inevitable but it is better to leave a window for it. You can also use self-regulatory strategies to treat procrastination and increase your academic vitality (Jarchlou et al., 2021).

Good Dissertation Topic:

After you have set your goals the next tips you have to check for is if you have selected a good dissertation topic or not. First, make sure that you have done some preliminary research then choose a topic. Secondly, the selected topic needs to be the one that is interesting to you. This will help you retain motivation throughout the writing process and you will not get easily bored. You also have to keep in mind that the topic does not only hold your interest but the interest of the university board as well.

Next, the topic has to be unique. This means you will have to write a dissertation on an area of research that has never been ventured into before or there has been research done in that area but not with the approach you are taking. Lastly, remember to check if your topic is relevant to the field of study.

Contributes To Field Of Study:

Make sure that the dissertation you will be working on proves to be a great contribution to the field of academics. You should think about infinite possibilities and expand your abilities to the supreme. Just keep in check the following:

  • Your dissertation will be well-researched
  • It will give readers good insights
  • The argument will be based on facts
  • It will give an impressive take-home lesson

University Guidelines:

Something that will prove to be a great dissertation help is to go through your university dissertation guidelines. It may seem pretty obvious to some but a lot of students tend to miss out on small details such as the referencing format will trouble you when writing the dissertation. It may even get rejected,

Make sure that you have taken time to thoroughly read through the Research Ethics policy of your university and assess your methods for obedience as well as possible issues before writing the dissertation.

Writing Speed and Capability:

You need to be sure of your writing speed and capability before starting to write a dissertation. Make sure that you are well aware of the time it takes you to complete smaller writing tasks. Take three appropriate examples based on numerous tasks for obtaining reliable writing speed by calculating your mean number of words per hour.

Also make sure that if you are likely to have issues with organizing your thoughts in writing quality, grammar, or spelling, there is an outside source to proofread your draft. It can be a friend or a service, just let them take a look at your writing style and fix minor errors as well as give constructive feedback.

Mental Preparation:

Before you start writing a dissertation keep one thing in mind if you mention that you are working on a dissertation in front of your family members and friends or even a near-stranger they will ask you what is it about. They will be expecting you to give a more impressive answer than the one you will mention. You will get puzzled and disappointed looks.

You should brace yourself for this and should not feel invalidated by their words because they anticipate that you will write a ground-breaking dissertation. They do not consider how much effort and research it takes to achieve that position.


This is all you need to know about essential tips required to check before writing a dissertation, Go ahead and make good use of it.

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