Essential steps to follow if you get stranded on a highway

Essential steps to follow if you get stranded on a highway
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What are the Essential steps to follow on the highway? What is that sound? You suddenly hear at the front of your car under the hood. It may be the worst nightmare to be stranded in a broke down car while you are on the road. A car might break down during a ride on the highway.

Whether it is a flat tyre or a worn-out timing belt, the consequences would not be worrying.

However, you have not been left with many options under such circumstances. Either you make your hand dirty or just look for some sort of assistance.

If you possess some knowledge, it is worth trying, otherwise, let it to a professional to skip unnecessary mishaps.

Besides, you can opt for these steps during such an incident. Read on the following tips to come out of a stranded situation.

Pullover Your Car Safely

Pullover Your Car Safely

In case, you have encountered an issue that forces your car not to steer properly. It is better to pull over your vehicle sideways.

It should be far enough from running cars as many drivers are always distracted by the GPS and other things. A fast vehicle might cause severe damage to your vehicle.

If your car’s engine has not been turned over, just use the dynamics of your vehicle to drag it sideways. On the other hand, you can also manage your car by shouldering a bit to a safer side.


Use Hazard Lights Along With a Piece of the Flag at the Driver Side Window

Use Hazard Lights
Man pushing hazard lights button on car dashboard, close-up, selective focus

Hazard lights are specially designed for such situations so that you can caution your fellow driver about your situation in a technical manner.

In addition, you can utilize anything white as a flag to send a message to your fellow drivers. Such a flag captures the attention of the driver who is driving at high speeds so that they can maintain enough distance from your vehicle. A better way to raise a while flag is by inserting a piece of cloth in the driver’s side window.

Besides, it is certainly not possible to avoid a breakdown while the preventive steps are always turned into saviours. You should avail the car scanning and diagnostics service at Service My Car to deal with the potential issue.

Make A Way through the Passenger Door

Make A Way through the Passenger Door

It is highly recommended to exit from your vehicle through the passenger door. Never get out to the side of passing traffic even if you have pulled over your vehicle far enough to the road. Your fellow passenger also takes care of it; you should ask them first to exit the car.

Utilize the Flares as a Warning at Night

Utilize the Flares as a Warning at Night

In case, you have encountered a car breakdown at night. It is safe for you to use the flares as warning signs behind your vehicle. However, it is necessary to place it several feet behind the vehicle. You can arrange them in a line to safeguard your vehicle. Besides, you can use the bright cones for safety purposes.

Make an Assessment of the Problem

Make an Assessment of the Problem
Make an Assessment of the Problem

A car usually breaks down due to a major issue. However, in case you wish to take a look at the issue. It is recommended to follow the above-mentioned steps to keep you and your vehicle safe.

Once you get assured about the safety, just look out for the issue.

You can take a look under the hood. However, if your car has stopped due to overheating, do not try to open your car hood instantly. Check the dashboard warning first and then try to cool the things down.

However, a quick look is not a proper way to deal with such issues as an expert might find it difficult to check out an issue. But, there are certain things that are clearly visible such as a slipped belt or a leakage of fluids.

Another thing is an unusual sound. It is a squeak, knocks or other sounds that might hint at an issue at a specified place. You might find it hard to hit the spot but these sounds certainly may put you on the right track.

Last but not the least; you should look at some abnormal smells. These smells are a great tool to diagnose the exact issue. Burning oil or fluid might hint at the engine issue while a burnt rubber smell hint at faults in the electrical wires.


Take a Professional Assistance

Take a Professional Assistance

However, it is always worth seeking professional assistance. An expert might hit the bull eye in no time. Service My Car offers roadside assistance service for the people who find themselves in a stressful situation on the road.

Besides, we also assist in car recovery to get you out of trouble.

Unfortunately, a car breakdown is always worrisome, especially on the highway. However, your proactive actions might keep such an incident far away. Always try to maintain a scheduled routine.

Proper car maintenance car service always proves to be enough fruitful while you also save a lot on the car repair costs too.

In case you find yourself under unusual circumstances on the road. Just approach the Service My Car for the instant assistance. Just call us or contact us online.

If you need any type of service or car service station, service my car provides pickup and delivery plus full car service at the nearest repair center.




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