Enamel pin

An enamel pin is a shiny metal pin with some decoration on it. Around the States, you will find numerous online enamel pin makers. RNFENT is among those online enamel pin makers. Makers produced enamel pins using stainless steel or aluminum, but brass and copper are also used to manufacture enamel pins.

How to make an enamel pin?

Many assume that making your enamel pins is lengthy and challenging. But actually, it is not that complex. It is pretty straightforward. In most cases, it do not take longer than 2 to 4 weeks.

So, how do you make your enamel pins? The process of making your enamel pins is divided into many steps. The steps are:

  • Initiating artwork work with sketches.
  • The material of enamel pinsThe size and shape of enamel pins
  • The number of enamel pins and pin-backs
  • Find a factory to start producing enamel pins

The details of the processes for making enamel pins are as follows:

Initiating artwork work with sketches.

First, you need to simplify enamel pins in a design of 1 or 2 inches in size. Enamel pins are like a small canvas working on a lesser frame. You may convert an image into a clean and clear enamel pin design. The lines surround colors within an enamel pin. It means that any type of shading within a color is not possible.

The material of enamel pins

Even though enamel pins are made from a wide variety of materials. There are two conventional designs most pin-makers use. The designs are:

  • Hard Enamel, and
  • Soft Enamel pins.

What is the difference between both of them?

  1. Hard enamel pins

The central characteristic of hard enamel pins is the thin metal lines untying each color and a smooth, hard enamel finish. Hard enamel pins are made from iron metal. They are produced by heating at a high temperature and then polishing to create a smooth surface. This gives them a high-quality and long-lasting life.

       2. Soft enamel pins

The central characteristic of soft enamel pins is their textured pin surface with provision for more detail and somewhat lower cost. Soft enamel pins are made from iron metal, electroplated, and optional epoxy coating. This gives them a thinner feel in contrast to hard enamel pins.

The size and shape of enamel pins

Small enamel pins are generally between 0.75 to 1.25 inches wide. This makes them more convenient and easier to fit. This is commonly cost-effective if less material is use. The drawback to small enamel pins is that they usually do not allow for many details in design.

Large enamel pins usually are 1.25 inches wide. This allows for a much more detailed design. Size also limits the places in large enamel pins where the enamel is print on a large canvas. Enamel pin makers usually make a 2-inch pin on their lapels.

Smaller pins are likely to be the best if there is a limited budget and a simple design. Enamel pin price typically depends on pin size. Usually, enamel pins are cheaper. However, you have an option to produce very detailed and delicate quality enamel pins if you do not mind paying a higher price.

The number of enamel pins and pin-backs

After fulfilling the above process, it is time to determine the number of enamel pins and pin-backs. A Pin-back is a needle-like tool, generally in the rear section of a pin. A pin-back is use to tie it to a surface temporarily.

Factories typically start from a minimum order of 100 units. It is always recommend to stick to a minimum of 100 enamel pins. Once it goes well, then you may re-ordering more. It is sometimes tough to forecast how well-manufacture enamel pins will be receive. It is always great to play it harmless than order large quantities of enamel pins that no one will buy.

There is only one thing you need to understand when it comes to pin-backs; Always put two pin-backs on all of your enamel pins! Using only one pin-back will permit your pin to wobble around wherever you place it. And it will be more likely to fall off.

Find a factory to start producing enamel pins.

Last but not least! It is a phase to produce enamel pins. A swift Google, Alibaba, or Amazon search for enamel pin makers will fetch many suitable makers. However, it would be best if you need to be careful with makers that claim to make pins. Most of them are intermediaries and charge higher prices to draw their profits.

If anyone claims to make enamel pins in the United States, you need to ask them to provide you with a video of their factory as proof because there are not many factories in the United States that make enamel pins.

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