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Do You Know The Founders Indrajeet Roy And Pawan Raj Kumar?

Business Partner

Whenever there is a discussion involving the food and beverage sector, – Indrajeet Roy and Pawan Raj Kumar are the prominent names that come to mind. They are the founders of one of the popular cloud kitchens in India, known as Hoi foods.

For those who are still wondering what a cloud kitchen is! Well, a cloud kitchen is a smaller occurrence of a food outlet offering delivery facilities only. Cloud kitchens have a defined setting. They are rigid with their services.

Hoi Food Concept Pvt Ltd was established in 2017 in Gurugram, Haryana, India. The 150 active kitchens running under this umbrella kitchen serve delicacies to more than 5000+ people in a day. They run this entire service with an army of 41-60. The locations of their service are restricted from Delhi-NCR to Bengaluru.

Knowing The Founders

There are a whole bunch of inquisitive people who possess quite an appetite for knowledge. What happens when we order food from a cloud kitchen for the first time? Let us be really honest.

We are skeptical!

Starting from the quality of food, whether the pricing is worth the food, and so on and so forth. It is because we cannot see- what the ambiance is and whether the staffs are professionals or mere novices.

This is a common belief among people across the globe. We tend to judge the food based on how polished a restaurant or cafe looks. But as they say, ‘looks can be deceiving.’

Demolishing this myth was the primary objective of the founder of Hoi Foods, Mr. Indrajeet Roy.

About Indrajeet Roy

A 29-year-old industrial engineer and a long-term consultancy employee. Indrajeet’s job role made him travel a lot. As a repercussion to this, he understood the difference between good food and good hospitality. He understood that good hospitality cannot always offer you good food.

His motto was, ‘ do not let the ambiance deceive us.’

An Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi graduate.Mr. Indrajeet has been part of renowned companies, like Rocketchefs, Antz Age Technologies Pvt. Ltd, ThinkLink , and so on and so forth. Before birthing Hoi Foods, he had established two other technological enterprises. Sadly, they did not work out well for him.

Good for us! For who does not love food, right?

Starting an enterprise in the food and beverage sector can never go to waste. The demand for food- good food will always be there. Hence the supply has to be equal to meet the demand.

Mr. Indrajeet’s vision was to serve steaming quality delicacies to people across the globe . Albeit his target audience was mostly office goers and students living in different states. It is his traveling that made him realize how important food can be. One of our physiological needs. One of the first things to come to our mind when planning to relocate in respect to education or profession.

About Pawan Raj Kumar

The co-founder and director of Hoi Foods. Sharing Indrajeet Roy’s foody vision. Pawan Raj Kumar happens to be an MBA graduate from the Indian Institute Of Management, Lucknow.

The amalgamation of Mr. Indrajeet’s vision and Mr. Pawan’s belief in his vision has been the factors escalating the success of Hoi Foods. Pawan has been a blessing to this enterprise because of his managerial skills.

Pawan Raj Kumar runs an independent enterprise known as Supa Star Foods Pvt. Ltd . It was established on the 1st of April, 2015, in Gurugram, Haryana, India. Supa Star Foods is a food endeavor that helps develop and market healthy delicacies that are convenient in nature. This is divided into two sub-brands, namely,  Supacorn & Misht. This mainly includes the selling of CPG food products.

Mr. Pawan is associated with the consumer goods industry and has an inclusive knowledge of the food and beverage sector. This long-term experience has been immensely beneficial for Hoi Foods.  Mr. Pawan has also worked with popular brands like Mcdonald’s, KFC, and Pizza Hut.

As they say, it is good to start something from scratch and learn in the process. While, greater to have some knowledge about the same, This way you do not waste time in understanding the business. Setting and applying strategies do not seem like a convoluted process.

Homework is important!

Was Hoi Foods A Success?

There is a reason why every start-up enterprise is a side hustle in the initial days. Same, was the case with this enterprise. However, with the advent of the pandemic, cloud kitchens have seen unbelievable profit margins. Although, the concept seemed quite alien when it first came to light. People took the time to come to terms with the idea. It was a new approach, where you could only order in without getting to enjoy the experience of dining in.

It can be said that maybe introverts were the first ones to trust and accept this idea. Hoi Foods did see the light of success.

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