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Do All Ph.D. Students Have to Write a Dissertation?



To pursue an academic career, you must get a Ph.D. However, writing a Ph.D. thesis is an uphill task that takes years to accomplish. An alternative route enables you to get the best of both worlds, whereas many students choose to give up on their aspirations or use Dissertation Help Services. Following are some tips for earning a Ph.D. without writing a Ph.D. thesis.

  • One-Year Courses

Currently, several colleges offer Ph.D. programs that last one year. On the one hand, you might need a thorough search because this style is still uncommon in the academic world. On the other side, you can avoid writing a thesis or a dissertation by doing this. You may then strike a balance between your employment and educational objectives.

  • Particular Subjects

Many academic disciplines don’t demand Ph.D. dissertation writing. For instance, you can earn a Ph.D. without completing a thesis or dissertation in nursing, international education, law, therapy, or psychology.

  • Articles or Theses

A select few colleges, such as Colorado Technical University and Columbia Southern University, currently provide students the option of writing a dissertation or publishing a series of articles or research projects.

  • Remote learning or remote study

Numerous online institutions now allow you to earn a degree without a dissertation as distance learning becomes popular. However, if you want your degree’s worth and reputation, you must pick approved online colleges with internationally recognized certificates.

  • Expert Status 

As a final option, obtaining an expert status might attest to your knowledge and persuade the dissertation committee to award you the Ph.D. You could find it helpful to clarify that completing a Ph.D. dissertation project may not be essential in your case if you have several articles in prestigious scientific journals and a book published in your field of study.

While choosing a dissertation subject that is off the beaten path may be quite advantageous, we wouldn’t always suggest that you do the same thing to get your Ph.D. Many established conventions and standards in the academic community are challenging to alter. As a result, taking chances in this field might prevent you from developing a successful career.

You might look for Dissertation Help Services from reputable businesses offering academic writing services if you feel you don’t have the time or resources to finish a dissertation project on your own. In this approach, you may avoid the abovementioned issues and still receive your degree in compliance with the rules.

Why Use LiveWebTutors’ Services for Dissertation help?

You may find several thesis Dissertation Help Services on the internet. You were free to select any of them. However, LiveWebTutors is superior to other options for various reasons. These are why someone should use LiveWebTutors to offer them thesis dissertation help services. What distinguishes LiveWebTutors from the competition, and what makes it better? In contrast to other thesis dissertation help services, why should one pick LiveWebTutors?

Trustworthy dissertation authors

We are not superior to other dissertation help services for any specific reason. First and foremost, we are a premier dissertation writing service that has made a name for itself as the best dissertation writing service provider online. We have achieved this milestone because of our reliability, diligence, talent, and unwavering relationship with our customers. Our qualified writers offer the greatest help with writing a dissertation.

Best dissertation help

We have employed professional Ph.D. writers with expertise in various subject areas to provide our clients with exceptional Dissertation Help Services. Therefore, when you ask us to do your dissertation, we assign it to a writer subject to your field of study. In this manner, you may take advantage of their knowledge and obtain a fantastic dissertation. Our authors ensure that the clients receive a dissertation of the highest calibre.

We take our services seriously, in contrast to other businesses. We don’t only give our customers a straightforward, standard dissertation. We have developed several strategic plans to improve our services to deal with that. As a result, we expanded our originality levels and established ourselves as the top dissertation writing service online.

We don’t make commitments we can’t keep. Our client testimonials are the strongest support for the validity of our assurances. We provide free revisions to ensure that our clients are totally happy with our services. We check your material for plagiarism using stringent guidelines to prevent it. In this method, we can guarantee the authenticity of our work.

Professional dissertation writing help

We also provide customer support services around-the-clock. Anytime a client wants help with a dissertation, they can contact us. We’ll do our best to respond and resolve their problem as quickly as possible. Because of these factors, we are the greatest option for inexpensive dissertation help services. LiveWebTutors offers affordable costs for dissertation help services. Let us assist you with writing your dissertation.

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