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COVID-19 Impact and Challenges Faced by the Arcade Gaming Market

Global Arcade Gaming Market
The Arcade Gaming Market growth at a CAGR of 5.10% & expected USD 5476.37 million by 2029. It is analyzed as type, genre, age group, application and distribution channel to forecast period.

What Does Arcade Game Mean?

A coin-operated gaming machine known as an arcade game is one that is frequently seen in public spaces like malls, restaurants, and amusement arcades. Typically, pinball machines, video games, or electromechanical games make up an arcade game.


Arcade games are coin-operated devices that can be found in public places like arcades, shopping centers, and gaming parlors. The three most popular categories of arcade games are video games, pinball machines, and electromechanical games. As the complexity of these games increases, so does the consumer’s desire to play them. These games employ a single-screen game view, enabling the player to maintain concentration and see the whole game.

Market drivers for arcade gaming market:

  • Customers become used to playing these games frequently since they have no clear ending. The scoring system in arcade games motivates players to compete with one another. During the projection period, it is anticipate that these advantages of arcade games would increase demand for the good.
  • The shift in consumer lifestyles will further accelerate the market for arcade games’ rate of growth. The growth of commercial gaming establishments like gambling parlors has also fueled the global market for arcade games.
  • The demand for arcade games has increase since commercial gaming facilities is expect to increase throughout the anticipate time range. Additionally, as a result of a change in people’s lifestyles brought on by an increase in disposable income, they are now more able to afford to play new arcade games, which further supports the market’s expansion.

Market challenges for arcade gaming market

  • The expense of maintaining the arcade games is substantial. This issue will make it difficult for the market for arcade games to expand.
  • Arcade games is intend to be addictive, yet players also develop strong gaming addictions. This element is expect to provide a barrier to the market’s growth rate for arcade games.
  • This report on the arcade gaming market details recent developments, trade regulations, import-export analysis, production analysis, value chain optimization, market share, and the effects of domestic and localized market players. It also analyses opportunities in terms of emerging revenue pockets, changes in market regulations, strategic market growth analysis, market size, category market growths, application niches and dominance, product approvals, product launches, and geographical information.


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COVID-19 Impact

The market for arcade games was significantly impact by the latest coronavirus epidemic. Lockdowns caused public places like arcades, game rooms, and retail centers to close, which hindered the market’s expansion. Lockdowns have caused significant income losses as compared to the prior year. On the plus side, COVID-19 will be follow by a time with exciting opportunities for mobile arcade gaming. Due to the sophisticated features and ease of use that mobile devices provide, arcade gaming on mobile devices is a seductive option for players. Without having to wait for their computers to start up, the players may access these platforms whenever they want and from wherever they are.

Numerous gamers may now engage in arcade gaming because of improvements in accessibility and connection and the development of mobile technologies. As a result, despite lockdowns, the sector saw some growth since many individuals switched to playing online arcade games.

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