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Color in Logos And Why Your Brand Should Use Red Logos

Color in Logos

Your logo is the first impression that your customers will ever see. Your business might have everything, but it still needs a logo for brand purpose. Getting a logo has become a necessity in today’s competitive world and if your business doesn’t have one then you should contact professionals from the top logo design company in Chicago.


However, while getting a logo for your business you need to provide some prerequisites to the logo design company and one of the important aspects is selecting the color for the logo. Every color triggers different kinds of emotions, thanks to visual concepts in our brain. It is really important to choose the right color by keeping customers’ perspective in mind. There are many colors that trigger different emotions but it’s the red colors that bring you business. Let us know how but before that let us understand how people reach to color and logos.


How People React to Colors and Logos


Deciding the color of your logo must be your primary concern. And that is why it’s better to take guidance from the experts of the logo design company in Dallas. As per these experts, color does play an important role and has more control on your consumers than you might think. Many business executives don’t believe in it but substantial research proves that it does.


People make a judgement about a product or service in less than 100 seconds of viewing. And the majority of their decision depends on the color alone. More than 80% of the people believe that choosing the right color for your brand helps increase brand recognition.


Colors Triggers Emotions in Brain


Different colors trigger different emotions in people’s brains and that includes your prospective customers as well. Understanding which color perfectly represents your business can work tremendously well in your favor. It will also give you an edge over your competitors, and increase the effectiveness of your enterprise branding.


You might be wondering why we are talking about different colors? Well, yes it’s true this blog is all about red but choosing the right color for your logo is also important. For instance, blue logos convey trust and if you sell any kind of professional services then blue logo can do wonders for you. LinkedIn is the biggest example of it. It’s important to know that colors trigger different emotions.


Psychology of Red

Red color logos are pretty famous among the companies as it triggers many emotions like energy, urgency, passion, aggressiveness, intensity of blood and fire etc. Some of the top examples of red logos are Netflix, Youtube, Nintendo, Canon, Lego, CNN, Time, Oracle, Time Magazine etc. As per the experts from the logo design company in Chicago red is a powerful color but it is also the color of cupid, and color of love as well. If it somehow connects with your business then we suggest going for it.




This is everything about color in logos and why you should use red logos for your business. However, if you want to have a better idea then we suggest consulting a logo design company in Dallas to get the exact logos to represent your business.

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