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Sell ​​using animated video? Yes, it is possible! Versatile and in the image of your company, it can certainly act as a seller of your product or service in addition to helping you stand out from the competition.

The motion design is an ideal tool to reach a varied audience and boost your business offer with the help of a production company near me. Not convinced? We explain how and why the animated explanatory video can work small miracles!

It does the talking for you

Using video as a marketing tool is a simple and effective way to convey your company’s key messages. Dynamic and interactive, it becomes a graphic representation of your product or service. One of its many advantages is that you can make it say what you want by using the desired tone. Let’s face it, we are not all born actors. So why not let the animated video do the talking for you and convince your target audience like the George Clooney of sales? No one will win an Oscar, but increasing sales and credibility is not a bad trophy!

It is visually appealing

The beauty of the promotional video is that we can put it in our image! It can take an infinite number of shapes and colors and mold itself to the image of our company. It allows you to present your products and services in their best light. Using infographics and a beautiful visual signature, it becomes a powerful vehicle for promoting your business.

It simplifies concepts

The products or services that we sell are not always tangible or easy to understand and this is where animated video comes into its own! The use of infographics simplifies the information and helps deliver a clear and concise message.

One of our clients, Mutualis, wanted to promote its risk management assistance platform. A short advertisement or an image would certainly not have been enough to detail and illustrate this service, which may seem very complicated in the eyes of some. However, thanks to the promotional video we designed for them, understanding the concept becomes child’s play!  Judge for yourself!

It’s easy to share

It’s no secret that social networks are a powerful tool for sales. Short and catchy, your promotional video, if done well (that’s our job), can spread like wildfire. Simple and effective, it can even go viral. You will then have an effective marketing tool that can easily be shared by a large number of people. Results? Spinoffs, aka sales!

It increases your traffic and your visibility

Video is not an end. It can serve as a springboard to your website or blog, for example. Not only does it help people who see it remember you, but it’s also a strong engagement tool. In addition to creating interactions, it offers you the possibility of directing people who view it to your various platforms, to boost your traffic. Another great option is adding your logo to the bottom of your video. Thus, we will automatically associate your memorable video with your business. Great way to increase your visibility!

Non-exhaustive, this list is a good starting point to understanding the power and impact that a promotional video can have. For the rest, all you must do is any video companies near me so that we can accompany you in the ideation and design of your future sales tool. We are convinced that it will propel your business to the top!

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