Bohemian Weddings and What to Wear

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In 2022, the Bohemian beach boutique style is a fad all-inclusive wedding that entices many couples.

If you’re being scheduled to be a guest at the wedding, You’re probably thinking about what type of outfit you can put on to complement the bohemian theme.

On the most romantic wedding day of your life, it is essential to pay tribute to your bridegroom and enjoy the boho wedding theme to the max! This is why it’s crucial to select your guests’ outfits and ensure they are in line with the formal dress code.

Do not worry: we’ll present you the gorgeous boho-inspired outfits for this day. We’ll look at the outfits and accessories that can make you look like a Bohemian on your D-day, from dresses to those skirts and shoes.

What exactly is Boho style?

A style that defies conventions

The bohemian style can be described as an informal and feminine look featuring a variety of fabrics and flowing cuts. Clothes are typically softly coloured and printed with floral designs and are adorned with vintage or ethnic designs. The boho fashion favours simple fabrics that are lightweight, soft and easy to wear, like linen, cotton or muslin. The pieces are often embellished with embroidery, lace, ruffles, or petite bangs.

In the boho dress codes, the essential items are an oversized dress, a denim jacket, knit vests, a knit top and the infamous Kimono, which perfectly complements the summer look. Accessories like Indian jewellery, scarves, or handbags are a great addition to the finishing touch.

Hair and makeup are essential for achieving an overall Bohemian style. The most important rule is to keep a natural appearance by leaving the hair free and loose and choosing subtle and natural makeup.

Boho fashion isn’t only about clothes; it’s an attitude and lifestyle that aims to promote freedom of mind, sensitivity and creativity. The boho style expresses this through clothes that don’t restrict the body or alter the traditional fashion code.

The wedding, as well as the Boho chic look

We typically adopt the bohemian chic in an event for weddings that blends luxury and comfort plus a touch of sophistication on an informal and fluid basis. We also add some stylish notes from time to time.

The clothes and fabrics The clothes fit extremely elegant pleated, creped, pleated and ruffled. They are embroidered, close-buttoned and belted. They are draw-stringed, fitted with asymmetrical V-necks, and many more. We also bet on several layers like an untidy blouse, a long-knitted vest, and a jeans jacket.

The lace offers a refined look to your outfit by playing with transparency and delicacy. It is common to employ velvet and silk pieces to create chic boho fashion, like an embroidered velvet tie for the collar or silk kimono.

Concerning the colour, we remain natural and exclude white to prevent shadows from the bride. Colours such as water-coloured or dark blue, sapphire green or turquoise and orange, red beige, ochre and brown are great as a bohemian bridal dress.

For a touch of zing to your look, You can add some leather imitation, imitation leather, or imitation suede pieces like the perfect jacket or clutch, braided belt and a skirt, as well as fringed sneakers. Choose them in hues of brown and beige.

If you’re not comfortable with bohemian fashion, You can choose only to wear one essential component that is in line with this look, such as a fringed shawl, the complete, asymmetrical vest or a jeans jacket.

As you can see, ease of wearing is a must; ensure that you remain elegant since this is a special occasion. Casual doesn’t always mean clean. It’s all about elegance and how you dress your clothes. Consider a chic accent if your attire is too comfortable. You can also consider a bold touch to break through the overly wise side. In general, it is best to avoid tight and flashy attire.

Do not hesitate for the bridal couple to request the bride or groom for additional information about the theme they have chosen, including tones and other options of materials prints, patterns printed on paper, or plain colours to make it more consistent in the wedding album.

The most stunning dresses for the Boho wedding

The long dress is especially suitable for bohemian weddings. If you’d prefer a shorter length or if the wedding is during the summer heatwave, it is feasible to wear a shorter dress.

Opt for a vaporous dress with a crafted fabric and stunning finishing, as the minor details can make a big difference.

In the selection that is available for bohemian wedding gowns, You have the following options :

  • A long-sleeved dress that has a split: perfect for summer, it will highlight your legs.
  • The sleeveless gown with Ruffles: is sexy and feminine. It is extremely trendy this season.
  • The halter dress that has prints is guaranteed to look glamorous and will show off your beautiful figure while remaining in the overall theme.
  • The dress with long puffy sleeves is comfortable and casual and captures the spirit of bohemian style.
  • The asymmetrical dress gives your look an original and rebellious look.

The models can be modified by your theme and weather and the morphology of your model. Neutral colours or pastels are the preferred colours. The prints of ethnic or floral designs can be extremely trendy. But, we recommend starting with a neutral colour (unless otherwise instructed by your bride or groom) to avoid the well-known colourful procession effect.

A beautiful kimono or denim jacket can be worn with your dress and keep you warm during the wedding celebration.

Boho skirts: Which ones to pick for the wedding?

For skirts, opt for those with a lengthier skirt in summer, excluding weddings. However, there are many stylish shorter models.

  • Long skirts with frills are ideal for dancing as bohemian.
  • A split skirt is ideal for showing off your beautiful legs.
  • The wrap skirt with asymmetrical design: this one will catch the attention of all glances.
  • A long, pleated skirt is stylish and comfortable.
  • A short suede knee-length skirt is the symbol of chic bohemian style.

If you’re not interested in “skirts”, combining patterns and skirts is a fantastic alternative for weddings. Choose an elegant flare (flared at the bottom) or a cropped (short) style.

The shoes you should choose for the Bohemian wedding.

The first thing to remember is that you must pick comfortable shoes since it’s not a good idea not to dance because of an injured foot. For example, flat or pumps shoes aren’t a problem, so long as you’re comfortable dancing on the dance floor! You can also use an ethnic flair and fancy accessories…

  • Flat or heeled ethnic shoes (African, Indian, Mexican and Greek) embellished with braids, leather bangs and mixed straps, jewels and so on.
  • The short or slim Spartans with greater or lesser thin rising Flanges.
  • Cowboy boots, Santiago type, suede or leather, short or half-long, with pointed toe.

Which Boho hairstyles are appropriate for an event?

Remember that the Bohemian soul is drawn to motion. Hairstyles are similar. Let your hair loose or pull out your curling iron and create beautiful natural waves. After that, you can create a half-braided hairstyle and wear either a headband or bandeau.

  • Half-braided tail, waves of hair.
  • Hair braided in the twist of a French fishtail twist.
  • A headband that has an attached pendant that hangs free of hair

Some delicate flowers can enhance your hairstyle.

Bohemian wedding: how to apply makeup?

Choose natural, soft shades like pinkish or nude shades.

The base:

Select a fluid foundation that is as minimal as possible and as close to your natural skin tone or complexion. Make it look more natural by applying loose powder. Put the smallest amount of blush pink for an even, healthy glow.

The lips:

Above all, avoid wearing flashy lipstick. The goal is to emphasize the natural colour of your lips. A coral or pink gloss or lipstick is the perfect shade.

The eyes:

A tiny amount of mascara on your lashes and an eyeliner line are sufficient. However, you may also opt for a beige or iridescent eyeshadow.

Accessories to complete the Bohemian style

With the variety of accessories available that you can choose from, here are a few necessary items you should consider to complement your look to make it a memorable day:

Bohemian jewellery

It is possible to use antique or ethnic jewellery made of silver or steel, leather or even wood. It is possible to embellish them with turquoise stones, charms, shells, pearls or feathers. Pick lace or floral designs as well as braided or woven bracelets and engraved rings. However you can also choose gorgeous hoop earrings or earrings that hang to decorate your ears. To wear necklaces or sautoirs, select from various designs and lengths.

Jewels are a crucial part of your attire. Please make sure you pick them wisely and aren’t reluctant to create a unique outfit by playing around with the quantity and mixing designs.

The Bohemian scarf

You can choose the bandana or scarf you tie around your neck, hair, or wrist. We suggest you test the various options before you put on your outfit to ensure you choose the most appropriate one.

With the clutch or handbag alongside your attire, you could look stylish with a fringed purse, a clutch with floral or retro prints, or a traditional bag with a long shoulder strap. It’s stylish, but it’s also convenient for carrying a couple of handkerchiefs and other accessories to dress you up.

The that this is an excellent choice for weddings. Select straw Panama or Borsalino, which will be perfect for the chic bohemian style.

The belt

However, you can also add some style to your look by wearing belts. Choose it in braided, suede or geometric patterns, embroidered or geometric and bangs, stones, or drop ties.

The glasses

In summer, choose round glasses and mirror effects with blue or pink reflections.

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