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Bioresonance: A Non-Invasive Therapy Using the Biophysics of the Body


Bioresonance: After-effects are an indication of the treatment succeeding and healing response that shows the body is recovering.

What Is Bio resonance and How Does It Work?

Bioresonance is an integrative or alternative medical treatment. It uses a gadget to quantify the rate of light waves emitted by the body. The results of these tests are to identify illness correctly. Its proponents claim that it may also use to treat specific disorders. Nevertheless, there is no empirical proof that resonance may be to diagnose or cure illness. Bio resonance has predicated on the premise that Gene mutation causes sick cells or organs to generate modified permanent magnet fields.  Also Bioresonance proponents believe that detecting these vibrations would be used to identify illness and that restoring them to their continuous rate can cure it. Bioresonance Los Angeles is consider best in what they do.

What has been with bio-resonance treatment?

Bio resonance treatment is said to be able to detect and cure a variety of medical problems. These are some of them:

  1. stopping cigarettes
  2. tummy ache
  3. Antibodies and associated disorders such as dermatitis and pneumonia are examples of allergens.
  4. Osteoarthritis is a kind of disease that affects the joints.
  5. Tumor
  6. Rheumatism
  7. Symptom of overexertion

The effectiveness of bio-resonance in identifying and treating health issues has yet to be determined. 

Bio-resonance diseases and their treatments:

Gastrointestinal discomfort has been using bio resonance. One research reported this treatment to be effective in relieving gastrointestinal discomfort not caused by a particular illness. One of the more well fields of bio-resonance treatment is the use of resonance to cure allergens and associated disorders like dermatitis and asthmatic. This field has (a control group) and unsupervised (interpretive) research. Bio-resonance treatment is beneficial for virtually all medical conditions. It can use persistent and progressive disorders’ root origins BRT. BRT is well for addressing stress-related disorders that may be a problem. General pains and sensations, exhaustion, gastrointestinal problems, diarrhea, discolorations, or simply an overall sensation of being poorly or not so good are some frequent signs of external stresses.

There are countless various factors of stress in the contemporary world. These include insecticides and other chemicals, exposure to poisons, irradiation and electromagnetic fields (EMFs), hazardous minerals, polymers, and the usage of medications, all of which wind up in our foods, drinks, or air. These toxins “load” our systems and interfere with regular biological functions. To a certain extent, our body

How does Bio-Resonance work?

To improve the body’s natural capacity for healing and regeneration, BRT therapy will assist the organism in lowering its toxicity or strain burden and reestablishing the “soul.” According to the BRT idea, each cell in the organ resonates at a specific rate, much like a plectrum does when it reverberates and generates sound waves. An electrical force and distinct harmonic rhythms are when collections of cells (such as an organ) vibrate at their respective wavelengths. Your body synchronizes many rhythmic (wave) activities under physiologically typical circumstances. Nevertheless, these waves will be disturb or amplified when disease circumstances develop, resulting in illness. Such illness conditions, for instance, may develop when stimulation (pathology strain) predominates and causes a disruption in functionality. 


BRT is on the idea that at particular wavelengths, bio photons, sometimes known as “bright flashes,” are used by organisms to interact with one another. According to biophysical scientists, the brain’s biomechanics regulates the molecular levels, which then, in turn, regulate the physiological makeup of the tissues. BRT modifies these harmonics to raise a person’s level of wellness. It achieves this by reducing the harmful wavelengths and enhancing the beneficial ones. BRT can benefit any generation because it is a non-invasive, fast, and safe treatment. BRT is quite well in a significant number of situations. For more than 25 years, it has been successful on various individuals, including infants and seasoned individuals.

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