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Best Practices for Converting MSG to Document Format

Best Practices for Converting MSG to Document Format

Summary: There are many users who maintain their important data in a manner that can be accessed at any time. Because it has become necessary for Outlook users to transfer their MSG files to PDF format. They are looking for a reliable solution for this task. So, in this article we will discuss the best practices for converting MSG to document format.

MSG is a file format that can be supported by MS Outlook. It stores a single Outlook email in a file. To store complete mailbox data there are multiple MSG files. But, sometimes users want to save MSG files in document format such as PDF due to many reasons. So, in the next section we will discuss the reasons to transfer MSG files in document format.

Why Do You Need to Convert MSG to Document Format?

  • To Open MSG you need Outlook while document formats as PDF are accessible on any device.
  • Document formats are easily shared and transferred to another location. On the other hand you can not easily transfer MSG files to other users.
  • The email format of Document format does not change whereas MSG files may change and some data may be lost.

How to Export MSG to Document Format?

There are two methods- Manual and Professional to convert MSG to document format. First, we discuss the manual and after that we move on to the professional method.

Manual Method for Converting MSG to Document Format

You can manually transfer your MSG data in document format but it requires some technical knowledge to complete the process. Follow the given steps to save these files in document format as PDF.

  • Firstly, Select the MSG file and open with its Outlook
  • Now, emails of MSG files are open in Outlook application
  • After that select the particular email and press Ctrl + P to open the print dialog box
  • Now, Click on Adobe PDF as Printer and then Print  
  • Now go to the Print Options and select PDF 
  • Finally click on Save button to save the email in PDF format

Repeat the process again and again to convert all MSG files into document format.

Limitations of Manual Procedure

There are some drawbacks of manual procedure that are given below-

  • It is not suitable for large numbers of MSG files. You can not convert multiple MSG files at once.
  • In this method, you can convert one file at a time. So it takes a lot of time to complete the process.
  • In this method data may be lost during the conversion process.

Expert Solution for Converting MSG to Document Format

As we all know, manual procedure has some limitations. So, we use a professional method to complete any task. Xtraxtor MSG Converter is a perfect and reliable solution to export MSG files to document format without any hassle. The tool directly converts MSG to document format in a few simple clicks. It saves multiple MSG files to PDF at the same time with all attachments.

The tool preserves the property and folder structure of MSG files during the conversion process. It maintains the data integrity of files Kaliteli seks – during and after the conversion. The interface of the tool is very simple, so any user can easily perform the process without facing any problem.

Steps to Convert MSG to Document Format using Professional Tool

Step 1: Download and Run MSG Converter on your system and click on Open tab

Step 2: Now, click on Email Data Files >> MSG Files >> Choose File 

Step 3: The tool loads all the MSG files in the software panel. You can read these files before conversion and select the particular files to export.

Step 4: After that click on Export option and select Document format

Step 5: Set the location to save the resultant file and at last click on Save button

Key Features of the Tool

There are many benefits of the tool so of them are-

  • The tool can export multiple MSG files to document format at the same time without losing any data.
  • This tool can convert MSG to PDF, PST, EML, HTML, TXT, CSV etc.
  • It allows you to select your desired files for the conversion process.
  • The tool maintains the folder and subfolder structure during the process.
  • It can import MSG files to Gmail, Office 365 and others.
  • The tool provides data integrity security during conversion.


 In the above blog we explained the both manual and alternative solution for converting MSG to document format. You can choose any method but if you have multiple MSG files then use the automated solution to convert multiple MSG files at once without losing any data. 

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