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Are Facade Panels WPC Healthy To Use?

Are Facade Panels WPC Healthy To Use?

Many individuals strive to follow the latest interior design trends when it comes to their homes’ interiors in an effort to make them stand out aesthetically. Facade panels WPC are becoming increasingly popular as a wall and ceiling decorating material. They may be used as an alternative to wallpaper and come in a variety of hues and patterns. Do you want to know why “facade panels WPC” are a good choice for your interiors? Considering how safe our health facade panels WPC are.

Wall paneling contractors and builders usually take quality into consideration when recommending the finest wall panels for different interior environments. Today, however, a person’s decision to acquire or install a product for their house or place of business must take their health into account.

WPC wall panels: what are they?



WPC wall panels: what are they?

Wood plastic composite wall panels are referred to as facade panels WPC. It is difficult to distort and has specific environmental protection capabilities. It is also moisture-proof and insect-proof. Beautiful and generous, available in a range of hues, with many applications. Following the growth of our business, we currently have a very good raw material percentage: 45 percent PVC, 20 percent calcium carbonate, 28 percent wood powder, and 7 percent additives.

Our wall panels don’t contain formaldehyde, unlike typical wallpaper. Thus, the negative characteristics of ordinary plastic items are eradicated. More significantly, neither your family nor your pets are at danger. It is a fantastic match for every household since it is equally kinder to the environment and your health. Additionally, according to research, Cladding the house facade with plastic has an average lifespan of more than 15 years. Therefore, selecting wall panels is a smart investment for your house with no negative environmental impact.

Interior wall panels can also offer a comprehensive solution for interiors that are fire resistant. The entire wall panel is built to keep your room safe from fire. We are aware that safety and health are top priorities. Our goal is to offer components and systems that can satisfy even the strictest legal requirements. We must be open and honest with our consumers. As a result, our products go through extensive testing as they are being developed in order to comply with building laws, notably the fire rating criteria.

Why WPC panels?

Why WPC panels?

The installation of decorative facade panels WPC is becoming increasingly popular with clients who want a more aesthetically pleasing appearance. With the development of technology and the availability of fascinating exterior and interior designs, everyone aspires to create the ideal living space and a style statement in their home. fassadenpaneele wpc offers enough charm to the walls of your home to fully transform its appearance. These panels are delightful surprises that transform the appearance of your house. You may pick from a wide choice of panels at the manufacturers based on your interior design, style, and theme.

Choose WPC wall panels because: 

The materials used to create decorative facade panels WPC are a special blend of plastic and wood. They are impenetrably resistant to decaying and may retain their color for a very long period after application. They not only enhance the inside or outside appearance of your home, but they are also incredibly sturdy and adaptable while fitting. The exquisitely crafted panels come in a wide range of colors to complement your decor. Your walls will have beauty, durability, and longevity thanks to them.

Characteristics of WPC wall panels

Wood and plastic are combined together to create WPC panels. As a result, it provides the installation with the necessary strength and flexibility. Because they are resistant to decay, they are the ideal material for outside walls. hausfassade verkleiden kunststoff are in high demand in the market and a great method to improve the appearance of your house thanks to their many fantastic characteristics. With a number of incredible qualities, these decorative WPC wall panels are the ideal installation material. The fantastic characteristics that these panels have are listed below.


Because the facade panels WPC are completely water-resistant, no customer has ever complained about moisture or dampness getting into the walls. Your home’s appearance is utterly destroyed by damp walls, which also contribute to additional problems like a breeding ground for bacteria and unpleasant odors. facade panels WPC are a wonderful choice if you want to reduce maintenance costs.


facade panels WPC provide comprehensive protection against chemical and biological deterioration and are entirely rot-proof. Consequently, a good material for outside applications.


They do not grow at all, even in the case of harsh weather changes.

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