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Andrew Rudnick – How To Structure A Digital Marketing Strategy

Andrew Rudnick - How To Structure A Digital Marketing Strategy

It’s challenging to keep up with the competition in today’s digital world. This is particularly true for small businesses, which typically lack the funding necessary to launch effective digital marketing campaigns. In any case, you are still able to compete in the market. In fact, by implementing these tips from Andrew Rudnick of Boca Raton, you can develop a digital marketing strategy that will assist you in reaching your target market and generating leads. Ready to begin?

Assessing The Current Digital Landscape

Analyzing the digital landscape is a prerequisite before creating a digital marketing strategy. As a result, you will better understand how consumers engage with companies through digital channels and the kinds of content they share online as a result.

Once you are well versed in the state of affairs, you can develop your strategy based on your target audience’s needs and desires. As part of your strategy, decide how and how frequently you will update your target audience with fresh content. Finally, monitoring your progress and results will help you adjust your strategy as necessary.

Mapping Out Your Channels

The main goal of digital marketing is to connect with your target audience online. You must identify the most valuable channels for your company and customize them for your target market.

The most popular digital channels for reaching your target audience are websites, social media, email marketing, and advertisements. However, there are many other digital channels you can use as well. Choosing the channel that is best for your company is critical because each has unique strengths and weaknesses.

  • Your Website

Websites are a great way to quickly and easily spread your message to a large audience. Additionally, they work well in establishing your brand’s credibility with potential clients. However, maintaining and updating a website can be costly, so you’ll want to be sure your message reaches the right audience. 

  • Your Social Media

Connecting with a broad range of people who might be interested in what you have to say is easy, thanks to social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Additionally, social media platforms are straightforward; anyone can start using them immediately without any training or prior knowledge. 

Because so many people have access to internet-enabled devices, it is the perfect tool for communicating with them. You can promote your company using a variety of additional digital channels, including: 

  • Email Marketing.
  • Online Advertising. 
  • Web and Services. 
  • Local SEO Services.

Building a Content Calendar

Any digital marketing strategy must include the creation of a content calendar. You can use it to plan your content creation’s kind, volume, and frequency. Before creating a content calendar, you must first decide who your target audience is. 

  • The next step is to ascertain their subjects and areas of interest. 
  • Additionally, you should think about what they need and want so that you can give it to them in the form of appropriate content.
  • It’s time to develop your content roadmap after you’ve identified each of these components. This will specify the precise dates, times, and formats (such as blog posts, video blog series, etc.) for the release of each type of content. 
  • Additionally, you should ensure that all of your previous and upcoming content is posted on your website and social media accounts to make people aware of it.

It’s time to start producing the actual content after you’ve created your content roadmap and calendar. Though this process won’t be simple, it will be worthwhile in the long run.


If you are having trouble launching your digital marketing strategy, this article was written for you. We described the five steps that every digital marketing strategy ought to have. Additionally, we offered some guidance on evaluating your campaigns’ results and modifying your strategy as the market shifts. All you have to do now to take your marketing strategy to the next level is to follow these suggestions from Andrew Rudnick of Boca Raton.

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