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All you need to know about Bluestone Pavers

Bluestone typically has blue undertones with some grey. It is an igneous or volcanic rock that forms once the lava cools down. Due to the gaseous exposure, it gets a beautiful marking on the surface known as “cats paws” which adds more elegance to the project space bluestone is used for paving.

Dark blue, grey, and charcoal colours work together to give the stone a minimalist impression and a sleek contemporary finish.

Each bluestone is different and creates a unique and distinctive look. It is a versatile stone and can be used in any design and is preferred in the global building and construction industry.

Due to their attractive appearance and toughness, bluestone pavers are among the most widely used stones for outdoor pavement. Bluestone pavers are always one of the top choices for any hardscape project, design, or remodeling activity because of their “ancient” appeal, capacity to bring highlights and flare to any project, and accessibility in a range of sizes and textures.

The pavers made of bluestone are sturdy and strong. They can therefore easily survive severe weather and withstand the test of time. They are therefore appropriate for most household and commercial project applications.

What is Bluestone Pavers?

Bluestone pavers are also a usual choice for pool coping and general poolside areas due to their durability and salt resistance. In addition, they can be employed in other outdoor spaces that are subject to extreme weather. A P5, high-grade slip rating is also available for bluestone paving. So, this stone is unquestionably worth your consideration if you are looking for something to give you protection for the safety of your family.

The stone is exceptionally durable and withstands environmental stress and adverse weather conditions. However, it is crucial to use a sealer sometimes to successfully prevent any potential erosion or harsh weather damage. Additionally, sealing is advised since it protects the building from stains and grime, retaining the beauty of the stone.

Bluestone is a strong and durable option and because of its sturdiness, it can be used for a variety of projects in addition to hardscaping. For homes, businesses, and gardens, the stone can be used as a veneer. Homeowners and businesses create other projects out of stone. Some people use the stone for pool decks, retaining walls, and steps.

The stone is incredibly adaptable and can be modified to match any home’s style, theme, or design. It complements and completes the other elements of your hardscape and land.

Where Be All Bluestone Tiles and Pavers Used?

Bluestone tiles and pavers are a perfect fit for both indoor and outdoor project needs, and they are sure to add elegance and beauty that lasts for ages.

It can be used in a variety of project spaces, like:

  • Kitchen Walling
  • Feature Walling
  • Kitchen Flooring
  • Patio
  • Alfresco
  • Pool Surround
  • Walkway
  • Pathway
  • Garden Landscaping
  • Fireplaces

Finishes of Bluestone Tiles or Pavers

Bluestone tiles or pavers are available in the market in four different finishes sawn, sawn & honed, flamed and bush hammered.

Sawn Finish

Stone surfaces with sawn finishes show saw marks. This kind of polish brings out the grey undertones in the stone and gives it a uniformly enviable character. A sawn finish is a great option if you want to provide an outdoor area that is exposed to the elements with a simple and clean appearance.

Sawn & Honed Finish

Sawn & Honed finishes are non-slip and comfortable finish when you walk on it. They are thus the ideal paving choice for places with high foot traffic and exposure to constantly changing surroundings and weather.


When a powerful flame is directed at the stone, the stone’s surface bursts and becomes rough, producing flamed finishes. More grey tones and varying degrees of olive are seen in flamed bluestone pavers. They have a warm, earthy tone, as the term is used.

Bush Hammered Finish

Bush hammered finish is achieved by consistently hitting the stone’s surface with a high-impact machine or manual tool, which creates a rough, weathered texture.

Does Bluestone Pavers or Tiles Needs Sealing?

Bluestone should be sealed for a variety of reasons. The general strength of the will increases after sealing, and numerous problems can be avoided. In addition, it can shield the surface from heat, surface stains, and more.
The advantages of sealing the patio, meanwhile, still rely on your objectives. Due to personal preferences, whether for fashion or a temporary installation, some homeowners choose to leave it unsealed.

How To Clean Bluestone Pavers or Tiles?

You only need water and a high-pressure water cleaner to clean your pavers.  The key to ensuring that Bluestone pavers or tiles retain their shine and elegance is sealing. Dip Sealing is highly recommended for any natural stone before installation.

Features of Bluestone Pavers or Tiles

Style Statement

Bluestone pavers or tiles provide a distinctive and unique look to your project space, they add elegance and are considered a style statement.

Another advantage of bluestone is its density. They are an ideal choice for doing outdoor projects like pool decks, patios, and garden paving and if maintained properly, they can last for ages.

Easy Maintenance

The fact that Bluestone pavers do not stain easily is one of their advantages. If there are any stains, they can be eliminated using a mix of water, detergent, and vinegar. It’s easily cleaned due to the surface’s resistance to water. Additionally, they can be replaced if they break without affecting the entire surface. It is such a simple stone.


One of the most adaptable stones for exterior use in both household and commercial construction projects. Pool decks, walks, roads, garden paths, and patios are just a few of the many uses for bluestone pavers.

Wrapping Up

Pavers made of bluestone are particularly adaptable. On both residential and commercial properties, they endure well. They are ideal for outdoor applications because of their durability and the fact that they can handle wear and tear and look gorgeous.

Bluestone pavers or tiles are dense, strong, and durable. It can withstand the test of time and extreme weather conditions and can be used in different project applications like pool decks, patio, walkways, indoor projects etc. Bluestone is a perfect paving material for all your project needs.

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