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All Age Group Fun For Endless Hours At Dave and Buster’s

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Our family was given the opportunity to tour the brand-new Dave and Buster’s restaurant and entertainment facility in Florence, Kentucky.

Dave and Buster’s In Florence

The Dave & Buster’s branch in Florence the chain’s 86th outpost; it was established in 1982 and has its corporate office in Dallas, Texas.

One of my initial thoughts on the 30,000-square-foot facility upon arriving was its open concept.

When you step in, you will near a 360-degree sports bar. A sports fan’s wishes come true with 37 TVs that range in size from 50 inches to 190 inches.

Private Parties Rooms

A sizable space set aside for private events like birthday celebrations, company parties, team-building exercises, etc.

Based on the number of guests, it also possible to divide the huge room into two smaller rooms. It’s possible to rent out the sports lounge.

We made the choice to eat first because we anticipated that once the games started, our kids would not like to stop.

We ate inside the dining room, which decorated with enormous pictures of Cincinnati & Northern Kentucky.

Restaurant At Dave and Buster’s

You’ll learn that the food at Dave & Buster’s is excellent if you decide to eat while there. Both children and adults drawn to the menu offerings.

Cheese Tater Cakes & Crispy Steak

We sampled their Crispy Steak & Cheese Tater Cakes, which was shredded potato cakes that topped with melted cheese and thinly sliced steak and served crispy brown.

topped over horseradish sour cream and garnished over sauteed onions, fresh tomatoes, & green onions.)

Glow Kones

My children quite eager to try the Glow Kones. For adults, there is several inventive cocktails available, including Glow Kones.

Bang Bang Chicken & Noodles

I choose the hot Thai peanut noodles and Bang Bang Chicken. My decision to order pad thai was supported my already-present hunger. (A bowl of noodles tossed in Asian veggies and hot peanut sauce topped with tender, crispy, boneless chicken that has marinated in a fiery Bang Bang sauce.)

If you’re like me and prefer your food spicy, Sriracha sauce available upon request. Dave And Busters $20 Coupon.

Buffalo Wing Burger

The Buffalo Wing Burger, which comes on the toasted brioche bun with crispy seasoned tots, a half-pound burger that has seared & seasoned, topped in crispy chicken tenders tossed with our buffalo wing sauce, bleu cheese, frayed onion strings, and celery.

Kid’s Pretzel Dogs

The Kid’s Pretzel dogs requested by my younger kid. (Freshly baked, sweet pretzel dough-wrapped, meaty all-beef franks with seasoned fries)

I was very taken aback the inventive approach to classic American cuisine.

We rallied & tried the dessert even though we had bagged up most of our dinner. You must set priorities, am I correct?

Brookie Sundae Tower

We tried the Brookie sundae tower for dessert. (A huge chocolate brownie and a chocolate chip cookie created of Ghirardelli® chocolate chips, cooked into one warm and gooey heavenly package, and topped with vanilla ice cream with chocolate and caramel sauces), known as the “Brookie.”

Confession: despite the fact that we extremely full, we ate it all. It was excellent!

Dave and Buster’s Games

Over 150 of the newest and games available, including Zombie Snatcher, Star Wars Battle Pod, and Ghostbusters. There a number of games that only available at Dave & Buster’s.

A game is a ticket game if the card reader has a green light, and a conventional game has a blue light.

Keep an eye out for Play It Free signs over a few rotating video games.

You can play some Play Me games once for free when you buy a $10 Game Card.

We enjoyed playing Super Mario Kart and quad air hockey together as a family.

If you decide to play games with tickets, there many wonderful prizes to pick from.

If we had allowed it, our kids might have stayed there the whole night long while the parents also enjoyed themselves.

Dave and Buster’s Weekly Specials

At Dave & Buster’s, you should take advantage of the weekly offers.

So at the time of posting, the information was correct. Before you go, confirm your location.

The new Dave & Buster’s in Florence, Kentucky, is at 781 Heights Boulevard.



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