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A Complete Guide on How to Hire Flutter App Developer

hire flutter developers

Businesses today have the best tech stack at their perusal to create solutions that are easily compatible with multiple devices and operating systems. This gives them the desired strength to build cross-platform apps for instance. Hence, it becomes seamless to develop a solution that has the maximum level of security and protects the privacy of customers in a rather streamlined way. This brings Flutter into the picture.

With Flutter offering its dedication to building multi-platform apps from a single codebase apart from also delivering its assistance in fixing bugs faster, therefore its popularity has grown manifold and the career scope for the development experts harnessing the use of the tech stack has also become quite huge.

Want to know why? Keep reading.

Reasons for Popularity of Flutter

Single Code Base

With a single code-base, it is easy to develop a single version of an app that can seamlessly run across iOS and Android. Therefore, it becomes a convenient process for the developers to focus on areas such as feature integration, and the functionality of the app. This goes on to save development time to a great extent.

Hot Reload

Using this element, the development experts get the desired support to frame UIs and find bugs. The second task particularly is simple to execute with the aid of this element. Hence, time for using simulators and emulators gets saved, and it also becomes simple to observe changes taking place in the app development process.

Native Themes

Possessing local codes, third-party incorporation, and platform-specific API collections, developing native-like apps is a cakewalk. With the support provided by the tech stack in terms of offering Material Design to the Android platform and Cortona to the iOS platform, therefore, building native themes is a hassle-free process.

Dart Programming Language

Being easy to learn, developers use it to ensure the end solution delivers high performance. Especially due to the compilation of the programming language into the native code, the time for development goes down rapidly. Last, through the use of a special layout model known as the silver layout model, scrolling and other miscellaneous tasks become easy to perform.


With large community support provided by the software, therefore opportunities for the development experts are huge too. Also, with the presence of widgets in the tech stack, integrating new UI elements into the existing apps becomes a simple process. This is without causing any adverse effect on the code.

Looking at these above-mentioned factors, it becomes clear why the demand for this software has grown so much after all.

Flutter App Developer: Roles and Responsibilities

Here are the different responsibilities to keep in mind when you set to hire Flutter developers:

  • App design and development
  • Writing clean codes
  • Participating in development life-cycle
  • Fixing bugs
  • New technology investigation
  • Following new trends

In the lines below, we discuss each of these aspects in detail.

App Design & Development

The Flutter app developer should possess expertise in cross-platform app development. This also comprises having the necessary knowledge in integrating features for the app’s functionality and skills for predicting the presence of any possible bugs.

Writing Clean Codes

Writing codes easy to comprehend is the next crucial skill the experts should possess. In other words, they should be knowledgeable in writing clean codes so that app scalability is easy to perform and happens fast.

Participating in Development Life Cycle

App development is a multifaceted effort of multiple specialists like UI/UX designers, QA engineers, etc., to name a few. Hence, the professionals should be competent in cooperating with other team members for results to remain better.

Fixing Bugs

Check if they possess skills in the task of bug detection and getting it fixed as quickly as possible so the app functions in the best possible manner. This is after the feature development stage gets completed.

New Technology Investigation

With the IT industry witnessing constant improvement and new technology releases happening, hence, another area they should have expertise in is improving the app architecture, new tool integration, and so on.

Following New Trends

Google Flutter had it’s released in 2017. Thereafter, it so happened, that three major update launches for the tech stack took place. This includes some minor updates taking place too. Therefore, the professionals should know this too.

With knowledge of their different roles and responsibilities, you enter the hiring stage.

It demands you adhere to the steps below.

How to Hire Flutter Developer? Steps to Follow

Finalize Hiring Model

Finalize the hiring model based on your business requirements. This means you need to have an idea of the base on which you will headhunt these professionals. In other words, whether you will get yourself development experts in-house, whether you will outsource the experts, or whether you will be recruiting freelancers.

Start Searching

Now you have finalized a hiring model. However, is this enough? No. Get your hiring hat on and go online to locate the right candidate. Visit platforms like Indeed, LinkedIn, Monster Worldwide, Jooble, etc., and set preferences. This will ensure you get connected to the right professional for the task.

Assess Experience

This is another area you need to place your focus. Get someone competent in handling complex challenges. This will ascertain any roadblocks during app development get mitigated fast.

Examine Portfolio

Check the portfolio of the Flutter developers you are going to hire. This is a critical point to channel your energy upon when headhunting them. Therefore, it is a good idea to assess their past work. This means examining if they have worked on a project similar to the one you plan to develop. With knowledge of these, you can be sure the functionalities will be of top quality and the latest development trends easy to meet.

Once you have assessed these aspects, you need to remember these points also:

  • Discuss the project timeline and check whether the professionals you hire will make sure to deliver you the same on time or not.
  • Explain development methodology to check grasping skills and understand how well they will take your project towards the path of success.
  • Assess knowledge of the latest tech trends for your business goals to become easy to achieve for you.

When you have received clarity across all these areas, you can be sure the developer you hire for your project is the best and will give your project a competitive edge.

Estimated Cost to Hire Flutter App Developer

There are multiple pricing modules & packages which are different from country to country.

Know the hourly rates you can expect per region when you a hire Flutter developer:

  • North America: $150-$200/hour
  • Latin America: $50/hour
  • Western Europe: $50-$100/hour
  • Eastern Europe: $25-$50/hour
  • Australia: $100-$150/hour
  • Africa: $40/hour
  • Ukraine: $25-$50/hour
  • India: $20-40/hour

Here are some factors that adversely affect Flutter app development cost:

  • The complex nature of the app and features.
  • Skills and expertise of the experts.
  • Location where you hire from.
  • Engagement model you choose.

Based on all these aspects, you can get a fair idea of the overall budget you have to allocate when headhunting for the Flutter app developer.

Ending Words

Flutter is gaining huge popularity worldwide which leads to increased demand for Flutter developers. If you want to get an app that gives you the next-gen edge, harness Flutter app development services by hiring expert developers. I hope you got all the information you require.

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